by Sherif Awad

Actress, model and creative director. She was born in Warsaw, Poland but grew up in Tripoli (Libya) and New York (USA). Klara’s father was a diplomat so most of her childhood was spent living in many different countries like Tunisia, France, England and Serbia. “My mother was an artist herself: she was an actress and a painter”, says Klara to www.MeetingVenus.com. “So I have to say the atmosphere in the house was always very bourgeois and artistic. My mother loved arts in all forms and as a young child I was exposed to the variety of cultural outings such as museums, galleries and a flock of international guests. It was either the museum, theater or at a diplomatic party. Strangely enough I found calamity in all the traveling and outings. It shaped my appetite for life and my passions later on. It was rather easy transition for me to do this. It felt just right... “.

for Solis magazine, NY, by Chanel Joan Elkayam.

In fact, when Klara was a child, she won a casting for the BBC “Sand Fairy” as a major motion picture voice over which later on became her stepping stone into acting. “I had so many early inspirations”, says Klara. “I must say I was truly inspired by Freddie Mercury who was my outmost idol of all because I was taken by his exuberance, music and fashion. He was definitely an icon. … also Marlin Monroe because I have fallen for her fragility and talent. I remember seeing her film GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES where I couldn’t understand how could she even be real. To me she was an icon of perfection, a symbol of womanhood, gentle yet strong, definitely ahead of her time, a beautiful flower in a cruel world. I suppose I was identifying myself with her. I also think the seed sprouted while growing up in New York which is something that identified myself with - the sort of freedom of expression, multiple realities, the drive that is in the city. I think that being a New Yorker largely shaped my identity - the college times where I have truly explored my ideas and how I viewed the world. Hunter College where I graduated, was that kind of unique cluster of artists, writers, actors and the interdisciplinary studies molded me into a sort of an art object… believe there are people that do need education and I would say rather loosely “discipline” or a frame in university. And I think training is important! But I also do know many individuals that never had any formal schooling and did great and are in fact incredibly knowledgeable and talented: such as Johnny Depp… Whether you choose one way or the other - learning is a decision and nothing teaches more than the actual job on screen or on stage… Having said that: The pursue you undertake or training is absolutely necessary. Even if you’re a what we call a “natural” The process of developing a character or choosing a method or even learning about history of theater or playwrights is essential to actor's education. Whether you do it within a frame of school or by yourself it’s up to you… I believe you can find the audacity to be who you are as you mature. You learn how to accept yourself. You learn how to live in a present which is essential to what an actor must do. Fame helps you achieve your goals faster and accessibility to everything makes it a wonderful arena for philanthropy. I think everyone is dealing differently with fame. There is just endless possibilities…”.
About challenges related to gender Klara confirms there are many: “I think since Weinstein era has opened up a lot of room for women to speak out I think it still needs a tremendous amount of leadership of women to change things around. The business is still saturated with producers directors and fashion photographers who are men… And that is exactly what is happening now. In the UK as well as in the US. But also in other cities. I think the urge is global and that is a good thing. There should be professional equality entrenched in these fields. There should be more awareness…”.
What’s next for Klara Landrat? “The current projects are partly about that”, she reveals. “I’m working on something as a producer this time with partners from Israel and the UK. Can’t reveal much about it yet but it will be about women! The second thing I’m working on now is a script and a book which will be a feature. This is by far the biggest thing I've worked on so again : it’s a going to be a historical mystery drama…Other than that, I started contributing as a  column writer for a fashion magazine in LA, Which is going to publish some of my poems. That’s also exiting as I always feel very attached to writing and now I get a chance to share it. I'm also continuously involved in philanthropy project in India about stopping women abuse...

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