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-From which I remember I was interested in art. When I was only four years-old on the carpet at home, I did somersaults, wheels, splits and also I loved dressing up, parading with my mother’s heels along the hallway of the house and reading newspapers of any kind. an artistic career.I often studied with my grandparents and grew up with black and white films and so I was inevitably inspired by the models of that time. At eight years-old, I wrote poetry and then danced while enrolling in humanistic studies which led me to undertake. Success has three words: will: discipline and love. With these foundations we can build a career. I don’t know what I’m destined for, surely my commitment is to always outdo myself! Of course, there are objectives, steps to be crossed in order to, as I said before, go beyond the limits. 
-In Italy, unfortunately, the focus in the entertainment industry is more on the economic factor and so I wish the focus could be on the quality of the product on film and TV.
Beatrice Picariello
-So far my artistic achievements: I remember my baptism with the Troisi Festival; the Kali-Yuga show at the Ghione Theater in Rome with the La Maieutica Company, directed by Natascia Bonacci, produced by MCR Art’s Factory; the short film Ti AmmazzO, the same cast, shown in festival about violence against women, at the headquarters of the Council of the Lazio Region. And last the opening as a photo-model in the fashion sector. My life would not exist if there were no art and there would be no art without the care of my body and soul. 
– I am working on a short film with La Maieutica and I do not exclude some projects conceived by me.
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