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Chiara Pauluzzi
-I started studying dance when I was a child. I used to go to the theater every week with my grandma. I had a real flash when I went to Milan watching a musical: CATS. Since that moment I felt so close to dance theatre and something changed in my heart and in my mind. I also really adored the TV series FAME. Later, I really felt close to the art of Pina Baush , Romeo Castellucci and Bob Wilson. 
-I have studied dance since I was a child, during high school I started being interested in theatre and acting. I had this wonderful chance to win a workshop at the Actors Studio New York. I did both together so naturally. Being an artist means daily routine and passion and sacrifice.If the projects speak to me in some way it means they are right for me. I also have become a mum and so I started teaching Dancetheatre to children. It is a really interesting adventure.

Chiara Pauluzzi

 -For me, it is really important being involved in projects I feel love for. It doesn’t matter if they are italian projects or outside projects. I adore Marco Bellocchio, David Lynch, Saverio Costanzo. I also adore French movies.
-In Italy, politicians do not invest in arts at all. This is really sad because the country is full of very sunny minds and talents.
-For the moment, I am working on two new projects. The first one is a child project with music, dance and words. The second one is a theatrical piece in which I will be the leading actress.
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