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At the age of eighteen, leaving Rovigo,
a small town between Venice and Bologna, was the first footstep taken by
Italian actress Orsetta Borghero on an international career in cinema and
theatre. Born to a French teacher mother and an architect father, Borghero
remembers that she dreamed of becoming an actress when she was just five years
old. And so, few years later, at the age of thirteen, she as was already acting
in school plays among her other classmates.

After performance studies in Italy and also at the Summer
School of Arts in Oxford, an eighteen years-old Orsetta started to be invited
to different auditions until she started to have colorful roles on stage, TV
and celluloid. “My parents insisted that I graduated from the university before
I started to professionally perform”, says Orsetta whose first film appearance
was in the costume drama Marquise (1999) starring French star Sophie Marceau.
“My role models were also Italian stars Margherita Buy and Paola Cortellesi. And
from the internationally renowned Italian stars are Sophia Loren and Gina
Lollobrigida”, she adds.
Orsetta’s finest moments came when she was directed by
Giuseppe Tornatore in the documentary Stella, Panettiera (2011). Also,
when she presented along with Donatella Finocchiaro Beate (2018) in
Venice Festival. Directed by Samad Zarmandili, the short film is a great
contender for the Golden Ciak Awards in Italy.
Regarding film and TV productions
in Italy, Orsetta notes that it evolved in quantity during the last five years.
“Right now, there are more opportunities across the various platforms. For
instance, I have just come back from Ouarzazate, Morocco, where I shot my
scenes in Made in Italy, a new series for Mediaset Network focusing on
the Italian fashion community of Milan during the 1970s”, explains Orsetta.
“Until now, daily life in Milan is quite dynamic but in Morocco I felt more
relaxed. Africa has a different pacing”
Look for Orsetta Borghero on
YouTube among the cast of the webseries Educazione Cinica (Cynical
Education), a funny glance on Italian social habits. Also, she costars in Estremi
(Extreme Remedies), a webseries on dating games.

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