Fabia Cerra aka Signorina Fabialosa

Burlesque Dancer, Author,
Actress, Model. Writer
Her father was born in Calabria,
as were his parents. Her late mother was from Birmingham, the UK. As for her
grandmother from the mother’s side, she was born in Bombay, now Mumbai. Fabia
Cerra never knew or met her father.
“My role models were Jennifer
Beale stars of Flashdance and before here Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon
Brando and Sophia Loren”, says Cerra. “But it wasn’t until a few years ago, I
discovered that Merle Oberon aka Estelle Thompson, is a descendant from my late
Indian grandmother. Freida is mentioned in my book…”.
Cerra used to compete in dance
competitions around the world until she received five championships titles during
the 1980s. “Dance and performance gave me freedom to Express, and to escape
life”, she notes. “I didn’t decide to become a professional artist, my mother
was very pushy at these dance competitions, and wanted me to be famous. I went
back to the Entertainment industry after I nursed my sick mother at home, she sadly
passed away in 2001. So, now I am continuing to live my life in dance, acting,
writing and expression…”.
Burlesque dancing started when
Lydia Henderson was performing and her corset started to come undone. Then Bob Fosse
opened, Gypsy was the most famous Burlesque Dancer of that era, and the rest
has since evolved. In the UK, there is lap dancing clubs for men and women to
enjoy watching women dance. Cabaret clubs in London’s famous Soho are a
wonderful night out to see so many Burlesque performers, some classic, some cheese
cake or even very risqué. “Again, it’s artistic and legal in the UK. Women can
dance in an erotic way or funny way. They get to choose music, choreography and
costumes”, explains Cerra who, at the moment, is studying acting in London to
star in a short film next August. “ which I’m really excited about this film”,
she says. I’ve also featured in music videos so I’m wanting to learn more about
music video production.
Also, a survival…
“I had a nervous breakdown in
2003, after my mother died”, remembers Cerra. “I didn’t cope very well, and
felt extremely lonely. I was diagnosed bipolar by a Spanish physicist in hospital.
I’d never heard of it before. Coping with bipolar is in my control, I take
medication to keep me level and antidepressant s too. I see my GP when required
and I also have a massage, get my nails done I just try my best to keep well. Having
bipolar has symptoms of extreme highs and lows. If anyone feels their moods are
like this then my advice is not to leave it too long. Seek help from your GP.
Also, just because you have you are diagnosed with bipolar, depression, OCD,
Anxiety or any other type of illness in the brain, this doesn’t mean you’re mad
but you just have a chemical imbalance”.
Read “In 2 Minds”, Fabia Cerra’s
book on bipolar

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