She developed a taste for the arts
with nine years of classical ballet that she started to practice when she was
only six years-old. Flávia Bettinelli had inspirations from many stars like Bolshoi  dancer Pina Bausch, international stars
Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo, Fred Astaire, Laurence Olivier, Marlene Dietrich,
Marcello Mastroianni, Giulietta Masina, John Malkovich and Laura Cardoso; and
so on …
Studying is essential for any
profession to be embraced. I do not believe in those who do not have knowledge
and do not classify it, except those who do not have access“, says Flavia who
thinks that “stardom” is related to decent roles. “Otherwise, it does
not attract me at all…. I still believe in humans regardless of their
profession and that everyone does what they want to do with dignity, ethics and
respect … from a doctor, an actress a servant, all without exception deserve recognition…
I don’t live for fame but I live for art, advocacy and storytelling that
inspires critical thinking … that prevails for me, the rest …. I don’t
care. What matters to me is what is alive. Challenges exist and especially in
the art and education of underdeveloped countries, where rulers want to prune
the ability to think and reflect…”.
About Brazil, Flavia says she lives
in a colonized country that has massacred its history and people, as long as
there is no educational and cultural project, we will not leave the place. “On
the one hand, there is a setback from a rule-making, unprepared government that
is dismantling achievements that only managed to come to power with the
production of fake news!”, she adds. “But there is also no prepared, structured
opposition. Globalization has been separating us into macro blocks and I feel
it is a worldwide trend … Here we discuss hunger, lack of education, culture,
while there are countries that discuss the possibility of access for a woman to
study and others where women govern countries… And that’s where the art of
voices comes in, giving images and moving people to think to reflect and decide
what they want …”..
Flavia does not participate in
many programs and socio-cultural works, concentrating on her profession. Yet,
TV in Brazil is still exploitive and sensational. “I think the world feeds this
market, which I do not oppose, as long as those involved wanted it and is in
accordance with wishes and desires and not the other. If there is a market,
there are those who consume, and I question those who consume. What I disagree
with is the trafficking of women, the abuse of rape, the lack of respect for
women, domestic violence … This to me is the result of criminal people who
put their whys on the “freedom that art provides”. Sorry, but then we
will enter into a different social discussion of this proposal … ‘There are
many mysteries between heaven and earth than our vain philosophy’ Shakespeare
already said.
Falvia  work as an actress, artistic advisor and on
theater and cinema … “and I can once again affirm that life is ephemeral and
everyone should live it as best they believe, regardless of profession , be
true to yourself “, she adds..

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