I didn’t study it’s a gift . people around me says I am born to do this

Cedellia Arreymbor

She is the only daughter of lady from Cameroon and a father from Nigeria but she is mostly called by her grandfather’s name because she has been with him till his death. Her parents are of late but she still gets a lot of love from the extended family.
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“My life for arts and entertainment started way back in my primary school days”, says Cedellia.   “I was always among the leads in dancing, drama, singing and cultural activities, This continued right to my University level where I took on linguistics as a major and theatre arts as a minor. My performance in my theater arts was super which acquired me the nickname Blessings because I handled the role so perfect. While in the university, I was already into films and modeling… After finishing my studies,I pursue my dreams as an actress and a model. I have always loved Nigerian actress Genevieve NNaji and Jennifer Lopez among the international stars
– I face a lot of challenges: first as a young filmmaker it wasn’t easy to have people believing in what you write but I think I have past that. Secondly, our industry is still small lacking sponsorship …Sometimes one can produce but there is no market to sell
I  just finished my new film TEARS IN PAIN and next shooting another one. We have got four short films to shoot including MY APRIL, SHOW ME LOVE andVIRTUOUS WOMAN
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