by Sherif Awad
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 - I was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Since I was little, always enjoyed singing, dancing, acting and used to make a play of everything. As a young girl, I admired Brooke Shields, Mel Gibson, Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sharon Stone, Danny De Vito. Then I moved to Miami and started doing commercials, TV shows and soap operas in Spanish.

- Nowadays, showbiz has changed. I would recommend practicing and learning about everything, not just acting, but writing and producing. I think women have more chances to expand in this business, like directing and producing, but we still have a way to go being taken more seriously.

- Achieving worldwide recognition is now more reachable than ever,  thanks to the Internet. I come from another country, so I am open to all kinds of people and happy to share my talent with the world. I haven’t been to my country Peru in years, but I know there are definitely more opportunities now.

- When I get an offer for a project, It’s important to me that is meaningful, that moves people, hopefully in a good way. I try not to post much about my private life. Kind of the only person close to me I post about, is my mom, can’t help it, she is being my inspiration my whole life.

- Currently I am working on a new movie based on the Novel THE CAT, GYPSY AND HER POET”: it’s a project very special to me, close to my heart and an amazing story.


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