by Sherif Awad


Maria studied theatre at Vladimiros Kafkarides Drama School in Nicosia. She has been working as a professional actress since 2010. She has participated in short and feature films, television series and the theatre.

-I come from a small Greek Island - Cyprus. I lived the biggest part of my life on the coast line of the Island and more specific at Protaras area which has the most beautiful beaches of the Island. A little sun, a little sea, made me a very active person. Ever since I remember myself I’ve been interested in sports and arts. 
During my childhood and teen years we only had one tv Chanel and then they became two :) and we were watching Greek cinema in black and white and old Hollywood movies. So it was inevitable to be influenced by the standards of that time. 

-An artist is born an artist but just like a diamond needs friction and refinement to show its true beauty and its worth, so does the artist needs hard work and continuous drilling. 

-I’ll never be satisfied with what I have achieved. if i ever get to the point of saying i'm satisfied then I lost the game!

-Yes...I believe this is a phenomenon that we often find especially here in Cyprus.

-The current situation of the arts, entertainment, tv and also cinema, is constantly growing to the best. There are more jobs done than before, with higher costs resulting in better work.

-Every job that is offered to me, whether small or big, I always study and use it with respect.

-When you don't provoke yourself into the world and set your limits then the world will respect it.
9. I’m now preparing for a new and a very big project for a feature film but allow me not to reveal more as I’m still not allowing to.