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by Sherif Awad 
Actress/Author/Host/Producer/Founder of Mimi Tales Productions. 
Romina Caruana
-I was born and raised in Sicily, my father is a Pediatrician, my mother is a housewife. I’m the second of four children, my brothers are drummers and music is everything for them. Instead, I have been in love with acting since I was ten. I grew up watching Sofia Loren’s and Anna Magnani’s movies. Both of them are my models. As well as Monica Vitti and Claudia Cardinale. The first time that I realized I wanted to become an actress, I was in my parents’ living room, seated on a sofa, watching THE THORN BIRDS TV series. I adored the ‘Meggie’ character who was desperately in love with Father Ralph, and she was competing with God to get Father Ralph’s love. I was amazed by the truth of her feelings and was captured by every subtle nuance in Maggie’s face. It was during one of her close-ups,       I found myself saying: ‘Today you are there, tomorrow, I will be there pointing my finger towards the screen. So years later, after my graduation, I started to study acting at the most prestigious acting school in Palermo. 
-An actor, author and producer it’s necessary to me attending acting classes, workshops, and seminars worldwide. I was lucky enough to move to Rome and attend Michael Margotta’s workshop for years. He’s my mentor and one of the first coaches who believed and supported my talent. I also attended the Black Nexxus Acting school in New York led by Susan Batson and my knowledge of how to use my instrument called body became even stronger. I studied in India Kathakali theater-dance art and continue to study acting at New Collective in Los Angeles, furthermore, I am attending several seminars with Pilar Alessandra, regarding the script process. I feel honored and privileged for what I’ve achieved so far, although recognitions are part of being an artist to me. 
– I think it’s more difficult for females in acting. We all know how much pressure and issues women have been experienced especially when you are not twenty anymore. We should write more roles for women and change often the leads so that there is more visibility for everyone. 
Romina Caruana
-I live in Los Angeles where a lot of incredible actors live. Of course, the competition is a lot but if you bring your uniqueness, you can find many opportunities here. There are so many TV series starting every year that you need to be ready, prepared and open to receive the gifts served for you.  I love my work so much that when I get a job, my commitment is total. I become my work and my work becomes myself. 
-About private and professional: This is the major weakness in my life, I dedicate too much time writing, producing, acting, and training that it’s very difficult to get equilibrium in the two aspects of my life. However, I promised myself that this year I want to enjoy my private life much more and to laugh and dance all the time. 
– I just produced ‘MELANIA’S DIVORCE’ inspired by Melania Trump, it’s a short film about how I would like my First Lady to be. I’m also producing a feature film based on the book ‘THE DANCE OF SOULS’.
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