Cinema After Corona: with filmmaker/festival organizer Lukia Costello

by Sherif Awad

Lukia Costello

Lukia Costello is a contemporary photographer living and working in Buffalo, New York.
She co-owns a production and development company and has recently explored moving imagery and filmmaking and TV series including WIMMR 2.0 (Why I Murdered My Roommate Remix – On The Run) . Lukia pulls inspiration from shapes she sees and integrates the play of light and shadow into her works. She produced a portrait series that was awarded a New York State Council on The Arts Independent Artist Commission, which was then exhibited at the Castellani Art Museum.
Lukia Costello
Last year, she founded Micro Mania Film Festival that showcases films not exceeding five minutes from all over the world. On its next edition, MicroMania Film Festival will be online via Seed & Spark’s streaming platform to take advantage of their online system, partnerships and incredible audience reach in order to take this fest to the next level. The festival is  planning an encore screening October 8th, 2020 at the Transit Drive-In (Lockport, NY) Featuring up to 2 hours of MMFF2020 top rated short films.
In our cycle on Cinema After Corona, both on and, Lukia Costello talk more about the festival and the cinema industry in Buffalo before and after Corona
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