Amy Gokey

by Sherif Awad

Amy Gokey

My name is Amy Gokey. I have been in the entertainment business for about two years. I am a single mom, photographer, painter, writer, director of photography, Director of film, a producer of independent films, an actress and own my own brewing business.  

My life began in Seattle, Washington. My parents were Micheal Gokey and Mary Claudia Kirk and they divorced when I was a baby. My Dad decided to move to Dallas, Texas for economic reasons where he met a wonderful lady  named Marilyn Gokey which helped  him raise their wonderful children. 

As a child I struggled with communication  and had a learning disability which was not discovered until college. I still struggle but improve with time. Writing and photography has been my passion since I was young. My photography teacher told me I had amazing talent for taking pictures. In Tarrant County Community College I got my photograph put in the “Hall of Fame.”

Unfortunately I ended up being a young mom. I quit my dream and did what was expected of me. I ended up having  three great children. They encouraged me to enter the entertainment world and to enjoy my life two years ago..

My Journey actually began with the “ Queen of the South”. My first day on ” Queen of the South”’ I played a DEA agent where I met Nick Sagar.  He was very nice and I didn’t realize who he was I mean I was a single mom that didn’t Watch that much TV. This was my first experience with acting. The wwhole cast made me confident about myself and made me feel like I found my calling. Then I met the men that would change my life Ken and Gentry. They had camera equipment 

That they were not using.  So I saw an opportunity to bring my story to life through film. I also met a man that wanted to be an actor which would help me to make my first film and gave me the experience to move forward and become a more confident producer. He also gave me experience to learn how to carry a business relationship with a man. Then I met a man that pushed me to the next level and made me realize what I didn’t want to do: Dalton Elza. We had got into commercials which I found out that was not what I was meant to do. 

At this time I and Dalton were trying to bring my pilot  “Director’s Cut” together and to the next level. We wanted to pitch our pilot to the network. Of course Covid happened and stopped our project dead in its tracks. We also were supposed to go to SXSW 2020 which never happened. 

The crazy thing is that this was a blessing in disguise. It gave us a chance to become better and more prepared. At the time we also lost a good friend and Director of Photographer Jose Antonio Hernandez which was only at the beginning of his career. We were saddened by the loss of this amazing man. He left us his heart ( his script) which we will be filming this year. ( “The Shift” which is a drama) This gave our team time to improve and to get ready for SXSW2021.  It also gives us a chance to go into 2021 winning with a great film “ The Shift “. Also are two comedy’s “Director Cut “ and “Covid the Comedy.”

My role model was Sigourney Weaver. She was this amazing woman that was tough and funny. She just amazed me with her acting ability. “Gorillas in the Mist” made me dream even further. I wanted to be a wildlife photographer. Which is still my dream. Sigourney Weaver is still one of my favorite actresses. She taught me that a girl can be tough and pretty.      

This is a tough industry to get into. The reward is a finished film. The entertainment business is hard and a lot of work. This business is tough on everyone. You’re judged constantly and talked about ,but the trick is not caring and moving forward. This is the only way you  will succeed. Working on your craft constantly is the name of the game. Which is what I like about the business. You get to meet a lot of interesting people. Everyone has a story it usually is heard between takes. Directors are tough and have to be the leader to push a movie forward. Life on a movie set is tough and long hours. Most of the actors are living paycheck to paycheck or have other jobs. This business is about passion, nothing more and nothing less.  

Casting is a fun job I rather enjoy. You met a lot of different actors that are very talented. The downside is you have to turn people alway. When casting you’re looking for the correct character to fit your story line which is important. 

When getting a job offer since I am new to the industry I take most jobs. If you look under IMDB you can see some of the movies I have been a part of.  The first movie I did on my own was ”Life Out of Control”. The movies & TV shows I was a part of were “Monochrome”,  “ Queen of the South”, “Purgatory” , “The Long Road Home”, “12 Mighty Orphans”,  “Roles we played” and many others. My proudest moment was just finishing a film.

I actually am a hands on learner that’s how I have learned this business. My first major in college was photography which helped me out. I also went to school to become an electronic engineer but never finished. I liked being a teacher aid , but decided within the third year that this was not for me. 

I do work  at the airport right now, but I am going to realtor school. I am also getting my license to sell and distribute beer. My company is called Gokey’s Beer. My first beers will be Gokey’s Sour Beer. Gokey’s Beer will be coming out the  first of 2021 the year of the Beergasm. This is the logo “ Gokey Beer the Birth of the Beergasm beginning in 2021. I thought what hell 2020 was pretty crazy so let’s go into 2021 with a bang. 

I am not trying to be a star. I just want to achieve my goals and in the process make someone laugh or give them a different mind set. I remember being a kid. My favorite thing was when my family and I would just sit and laugh as we watched our favorite program or movies. Believe or not, movies and TV give us the opportunity to see it from someone else’s point of view.  To me we need to experience what is like to be in someone else’s shoes. It helps us grow.
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