Erica Muraca

Erica Murica

by Sherif Awad

-I come from a family of entrepreneurs, the art world seemed very far from us. From an early age, exactly from the age of eight, I had very clear ideas: I would work in the entertainment world, exactly in the world of cinema theater. I told everyone, I said it around with incredible confidence, as if I had already reached and passed the finish line. I had to fight to carry on my passion and turn it into a job and perhaps for this reason that today I am very strong also in the motivational field and I am not only concerned with being a director and a transformative author of cinema and theater but also a coach of the vision: the vision I had of my future brought me this far and today I teach people how to do the same in their lives.

-I quickly developed an interest in silent cinema, particularly that of Fritz Lang. In fact, I have always considered expressionism to be the artistic current that suits me best. In this regard, my past as a former professional dancer has always facilitated me in finding the connection between form and music, in seeing the world always through a soundtrack and in finding a close link between movements and sounds. My past in dance today facilitates me in the creation of film and theatrical montages. This is to talk about the technical influence this director has had on me. As for the content, on the other hand: the urge to tell a state of mind, to manifest oneself outside, to reveal one's thoughts, all of this has been incisive for me and for my transformational cinema and theater. 

-I had a quite fortunate course of study because in the age of 14 was started a course in music theater and cinema in an art high school not far from my home. This chance, which for me is not a coincidence, has allowed me to have a very clear course of study: theater, cinema and dance were three subjects that I studied for 15 years at both academic and self-taught level. I attended university courses and graduated in this field. At the same time I followed nonacademic courses that allowed me to deepen many topics such as the impact of the arts in society, drama therapy, writing courses and in particular growth courses personal and spiritual which have become for me a very important source of inspiration for the type of message I carry through my creations. Is it satisfying for you now and or achieving stardom worldwide is important too? I am very happy with the point in which I have arrived but having a thought that is always projected towards the future it is normal for me never to be satisfied

I have a tendency to see things in an ever greater and expanded way and also my business, indeed, the first: I see my business like this: constantly expanding. Success for me is closely related to the impact you have on people's lives and on the world and that is why I am increasingly attentive to the type of impact I can have in the lives of others because I know the more effective it will become in this sense the more I will be able to reach very high numbers of people not only in my country in Italy but also abroad. 

-Unfortunately, yes, especially in the field of cinema there are challenges. I must admit that it is not easy to find female directors in this world, and it is very easy to find people who easily ask you to work for free just because you are a woman or to accept to be guided by men even in your personal projects or to receive attention only for mine physical appearance even before my projects. All this I see and notice constantly, on the other hand I do not accept to make this become a limit for me in the sense that I continue on my path knowing that one day my work will make a difference without having to compromise with anyone.

-Certainly there has been an increase in film activity in Italy in recent years and truly remarkable directors have emerged who have dared to modernize the cinema of this country. On the other hand there is, probably, still a bit of fear on the part of productions to leave freedom to young novice directors to emerge with their works despite the great results of the new directors in recent years. 

-I have experience both in choosing actors, those of my plays and my film productions and in supporting casting myself as an actress, but I admit that I am more used to doing the castings myself to choose my actors rather than the other way. The choice of actors is something I really like because I always try to create an experience of value through my castings so, an actor, even if he is not chosen by me, can live this experience by taking home something that will transform his future performances in other works. Precisely because I have experience in casting as an actress, I know what it means to get involved, and I always try to create an environment that is as comfortable as possible but, on the other hand, compelling for my actors. 

-I always carefully evaluate all the proposals that are made to me and I try to choose those that have an important message to bring to the public, those in which I can make a difference and express myself better. Obviously, I am talking about all works as an author and director, but I do not underestimate even those that are proposed to me as an actress. I always try to be very coherent with the philosophy of life that I marry, and therefore I like that all projects have their own coherence within them which for me are fundamentally: transformation, social value, hope. 

- LUCE: It is the title of my latest theatrical show that talks about violence against women and I think it is the one that has produced the most transformation in the audience till today: there have been women victims of violence who have confessed to the violence after seeing the show and some of these have entered therapy. Here is my personal success I consider it from this point of view, the more impact with my work on external reality I have, the more I can evaluate my success and from this point of view LUCE is my greatest success. Tell us about your other activity parallel to arts? I am a Vision Coach, I help people achieve their life goals through the detailed and expanded visualization of their future. I give them all the knowledge that I have acquired and also everything that I first put into practice till today in my life and …it has worked. This allows me to work with images at all levels: theater, cinema, personalized tools for personal spiritual growth. In particular, I created the so-called FILM MENTALI - - mental films- , which are real films that tell the life story of every person who comes to me, with their own future realized, with their own manifested uniqueness, with their self as protagonist of the movie of their life. Every person who owns a mental film transforms their life daily just by observing because this creates a great suggestion to the brain. In fact, for our brain, there is no difference between reality and imagination. This suggestion will influence the future of the people who own a mental film. Thus, the great power of cinema becomes powerful also for every single individual.

- For newcomer, I must say: to have a very clear vision of what they want to bring to the world through their work. People too often devalue the value of their work and the impact this work can have on the world. We don't often realize that the world craves a transformation, and we have to ask ourselves what kind of transformation we want to bring to the world so that the world can't do without our art. How do you make equilibrium between your private life and your professional practice? Very often I don't realize what the limit is between work and real life, perhaps because for me work is not really a job, I don't live it with the “limits” of work, I really live it as a mission of life and life very often it's my job. I solved it by surrounding myself with people who speak the same language as me and who live their life exactly as I live it, and this helps me not to feel in difficulty in the midst of situations or people who are used to leading a life that is too different from mine. What are your current and future projects? I'm about to start an online business - within a few weeks - to sell movies that help people transform their lives. On a theatrical level, I will debut with a new show that talks about the violence of women against women produced by Andrea Sisti Production. On a cinematic level, I will soon go into production with the feature film of my play LUCE. Always LUCE - the theatrical show - will be back on stage in May. Only my acting career remains pending: I'm still waiting for an opportunity to make my film debut as an actress ... but I have no doubt that it will come soon, because is in my mental movie. ;) 

Erica Elisabeth Muraca 

Transformational director and author Vision Coach Actress
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