Suki Aly Edelmann

by Sherif Awad

Suki Aly Edelmann

I am an educator for elementary school, mom of five; I had a lobe for wanting to be a model since I was young but my husband was the one who pushed me to pursue it, did a lot of modeling and I decided I want to act so here we are.

My role model was always Sandra Bullock, Christina Ricci, watched all their movies over and over and love that Johnny Depp can play many Characters.

When I was in middle school I wanted to be a producer, I used to make stupid little movies with friends and family.

I want to achieve stardom that has been my goal, doesn’t matter how long it takes.

Suki Aly Edelmann

I haven’t had any problems due to gender, more like due to race, I don’t fit in any of their stereotypes, I’m Mexican, and they refuse me for those roles because I’m too white for them, don’t get cast for white roles because I have a slight accent.

I just have fun with it and It’s always fun posing in front of the camera, always fun creating new stuff for commercials.

On paper, my greatest artistic achievement has been magazines modeling and commercials, but truly being able to feel comfortable being funny or goofy on camera is the true achievement.

The works offered to me so far have been fun I learn something new every time.

When I’m not creating I’m spending time with my children and reading books.

Suki Aly Edelmann

My advice to newcomers is don’t be lazy do your own research, always be safe and learn to rely on your self.

I make time for family and time for work occasionally I overdo but I try to compensate for it when I can.

At the moment I am not doing anything I just shot a whole day worth of commercials during Labor Day

I had to take a break due to a health issue I needed surgery, waiting for one more to make sure my liver is good and I can be back to normal still submitting for castings though.
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