by Sherif Awad

I come from a family full of strong women. They support everybody and carry us on tough times. I remember my interest in arts when I was 4 years old and grabbed a pack of shampoo to pretend it was a microphone, then sang all day long in front of a mirror. I used to say I would be a singer when I grew up. But, damn: I sing terribly, you bet. It’s sad to say, but my role model was a local singer called Xuxa, a blond woman who presented the most famous TV program in Brazil at that time. I couldn’t see myself represented in those images she performed. Nobody is so great that can’t learn new stuff, and nobody is so little that can’t teach new things. It’s so important to keep studying because you open your mind to an entire new world. Creativity relies on that. In my opinion, as Brazil is such a big nation, most artists here do not think about achieving stardom worldwide, I suppose. This is not something I have thought about seriously, I must admit. More determining than gender aspects, there is the ethnic barrier. Only 4% of the cast in Brazilian movies are black actresses. It does say a lot about our racist audiovisual scenario, doesn’t it? How sad. Brazilian people are usually very creative. We come up with the best solutions in the worst times. That’s why our publicity professionals have gotten so many prizes worldwide. Our people learned how to create from nothing. 

-I love taking part of casting. I like being tested, I love the feeling of being analyzed. Can’t explain it. I’ve done great stuff, so I guess I can not complain about it. Although it would be nice to have more opportunities in the industry. I do approach each job as unique, as the most important ever. I always do my best and dedicate as many hours and days as possible to make it happen the best way possible, so that clients will always come back to me. I guess my greatest artistic achievement is always the next job to come. I’m never satisfied, because I love challenges. 

Aside from works, I play with my 5 years old kid, I follow his online classes every morning, I take him for a walk (with masks on, of course!), I clean the bathrooms, the kitchen, the house, I cook fresh food, I go the supermarket, organize stuff and tidy the room… aren’t I a real housewife? 

My advice to all new artists is: give it up! Because it’s tough, it’s competitive, you’ll get tested, there’s lack of money, you feel frustrated. After giving it up, if you still miss being an artist, then come back! But stronger and ready to work 24 hours a day.
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