Mae Riley

by Sherif Awad

Mae Riley


I am from Tuskegee, Alabama. I am the youngest daughter in my family. I became interested in arts as a pre-teen. I wrote poetry, and won a national poetry contest, took a summer theater arts program, and acted in a college, and church play. One was I was in the background, and the other the lead.  I have sung in the church, and school choir. I have sung solos before. I have always loved entertaining/performing.

-I grew up watching many great artists of all types, and gender. Each one had an impact on me. 

Modeling and entertaining have always been natural to me. I constantly strive for improvements.

-I have achieved worldwide stardom. I would like to achieve much more in my lifetime. -I am very professional with job offers. I appreciate all the offers.

-I have faced some challenges. Some men are not able to accept a woman as their equal. Also, some women are jealous of other women and try to hinder success from other women. 

– The US, it is recovering from the pandemic. Many people in the industry, and companies in the industry, were not affected from the pandemic and continued as usual. Many found new ventures online.

-I am planning some personal projects in the upcoming years, and I am in talks about several movie, and TV roles. I will be in some magazines as well.
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