Ofir Engel
by Sherif Awad

Acting, singing, writing, composing, dancing and performing
worldwide: These are the few talent of rising star Ofir Engel who is acquiring
waves of acclaim across the United States and the rest of the world.
Known in the entertainment business as Queen Ofir, she
presents a dramatic and emotionally charged style that covers the whole
spectrum of musical genres including techno, world pop, classical, R&B and
Hip Hop. Besides music, Ofir Engel has also excelled in acting since 1999 through
various roles in action, comedy and horror. Her plan to direct her own films
after helming many of her music videos.
Yet, Ofir Engel’s has an inspiring background great story to
tell. A story that goes back decades ago. It started when her great grandmother
fled from Spain during the inquisition. Finally, during the following years,
her parents the family resettled in Israel.
 “So, when I was young
child, I loved the arts a lot: music, acting and everything related to creating
entertainment like drama and comedy as well”, remembered Ofir Engel who was feeling
that she was performing while playing with her schoolmates. “And so, when I was
only twelve years old, I performed for the first time in front of a live audience.
This was in Israel where the song was in Hebrew and translated as whatever
you wish, it will be
. People were saying to my mom that your daughter seems
like a nightingale. Since then, I tried to interpret my feeling through the
lyrics I write and perform ”, she added.
Ofir uses her background culture: Mediterranean, European,
oriental and western to write songs in many languages likes Arabic, Hebrew and
English while visually performing on stage and in front of the camera with
dancing moves reflective of these different heritages. This is the secret behind
her popularity among different audiences.  
Next for Queen Ofir, DVD releases of her music videos, a new
album and a worldwide tour. So keep on following her news worldwide…

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