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by Sherif Awad 

I grew up in the city on the west side of Chicago, where I and my sister were raised in a single family home. My mom owned businesses downtown Chicago, she employed me and my younger sister at a young age doing marketing. We also spent ample amounts of time with our grandparents on both sides. As a lil girl, my mom would always put me on camera or record me performing...it was so much fun!
My role model from cinema were“Julia Roberts”, “William Shakespeare” and dancing of course: I’ve always loved Beyoncé and Shirley Temple”.

I would love to share with everyone my experience of becoming an artist...first and foremost it has to be your passion because if not you probably won’t make it.

There are long hours, months, early mornings, late nights, mental work, repetitive work, intense scenes, dedication...it takes a hardworking talented individual to succeed. I’ve taken several acting classes, I’ve done volunteer work to receive workshop passes for acting, I have done stand-in jobs on major movie sets. I truly believe you should alway study your craft no matter what. My career as an actor did not happen overnight and so I’m still working to build my career and take to the next level. I would love to work as an actor worldwide to help inspire others in every part of the world to become who they inspire to be in regards of any situations or problems we face. There are challenges in the business but there also challenges in life. You will have competitors, you will receive 100 no’s but if your passion is be what you desire to be...you’ll keep pushing. Once you get the acknowledgement for the work you do then you can choose the work you want but you have to put in lots of time, hard work and maybe a few tears. I did and I’m very grateful.

I’m currently directing my own movie, I’m also in a film with Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan called JUST MERCY” coming 2020. I’m also in SUMMER 03 by Becca Gleason which is available on Amazon Prime.

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