Amanda Mitchell

Karen Mitchell

by Sherif Awad
An Australian-born character
actress who is currently based in Hollywood, Amanda Mitchell has also French origins
from her father side and English/Welsh/Australian from the other side. Amanda not only starred in Aussie films and TV series but also, she had her share of
appearing on theatre in her dancing and drama teaching practices. In 2011, she
moved to Hollywood to broaden her choices, although the competition is quite
relevant. “I decided to join and enjoy the challenge because I’ve got
a pretty sharp mind”, laughs Amanda who is sometimes mistaken to be Greek,
Spanish or Mideastern during some casting calls.
Karen Mitchell
Being a SAG-AFTRA member opens
the opportunity to land the best TV roles in town. We have spotted Amanda in acclaimed
roles co-starring in numerous television shows and feature films. Her series
have included Nameless, Fearless Games, and a wide range of detective roles in:
Atomic Kingdom, Starship One, and Ice Cold Blood. Amanda has studied with some
of the top teachers in the world. Sometimes playing light and funny roles and
often playing deep and strong ones, she frequently utilizes her expertise in
weapons and martial arts. Amanda is not only a highly talented actress and an
exquisite dancer, she’s also a voice actor, model and presenter. Worldwide viewers
have been really responsive to my performances especially in Nameless: Blood and
. Amada admits that her role as Detective Alison in the TV series Ice
Cold Blood
is a role that united all her acting and physical capabilities.  

Look for Amanda Mitchell in the upcoming
short film So Long, See You Tomorrow
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