Actress, voice-over, singer, songwriter, model…
– As I remember myself, I was always singing and acting, so there was no question, whom I will become in the future. I was a chorus singer in my thirteenth , when the USSR, the country I was born and raised just simply disappeared and my home city Kiev became the capital of a new country – Ukraine. At that time there was only one decent theatrical school I wanted to study in – Kiev State Institute of Theatrical Arts, so at the age of sixteen, I went there and, after four years, I graduated as an Actress in Film and Theater. I was invited to work on TV right away and for a few years enjoyed hosting two TV shows “Yahad” and “Shalom, Kiev” on major Ukrainian channels.  Music and acting were and are my friends through all my  life  and it’s not because I was trying to be interesting,but rather because it felt natural and as it’s supposed to be this way.
–  I never had a role model from cinema, theatre, dance or TV during my childhood and teen years, because I was raised in the country with a very specific communistic Art orientation, but I can say that I’ve always heard my own inner music inside, which was guiding me…
– As I said before, I have an acting degree from Ukraine, but I continue studying every day of my life. My teachers are people I meet, my friends and partners. You never know whose thoughts or what might become your next inspiration. I prefer to stay open to any creative ideas.
-I love what I do and always glad to be a part of a new project . For me it doesn’t matter, if it’s an acting project or a musical one or a voice-over or what language will I use to express myself. It’s not about being famous worldwide but rather about being able to express myself. I think that nowadays when the depression is the most common disease in the world, we can only cure it with its opposite – expression. I live in Brooklyn, New York now where there are always many ways to be creative for any girl. I’d say the USA has  every door opened to persons of any gender.
– There are lots of TV and radio stations in NYC, Broadway, of course, and a huge movie industry. Here I’ve tried myself as a news reporter for TV, radio co-host for a morning radio show, actress for theater and radio plays, dubbing actress, worked with Rosetta Stone on their Russian language software and with other well known companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Cablevision as a voice over or actress for their projects. Movies and theater are my major priorities.
For now I am freelancing with a few agencies for acting, voicing and modeling and looking forward for the new exciting creative opportunities, life has for me.
– I am saying “yes” to all projects that are interesting and well paid. sometimes I do stuff for free to help some ideas I like or to support friends. I can just tell that a creative lifestyle fits me. I am not an office person and I can’t live without having enough air in my life. Also, when you always choose what you honestly love, you don’t have to call it ” equilibrium”, you just pick, what you feel most important at the moment and do it.
– Currently I am doing tons of voice-over and dubbing projects where there are millions ways for creativity. I also never stopped singing and composing and now working on a duet with a very dear friend of mine, which I hope to release soon.
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