by Sherif Awad

Experienced Model with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry: Photography, Music Videos, Advertising, Dance, and Film. Her goal is to inspired others through her work and to get inspired by others as well.
“I grew up loving arts, beauty and fashion”, remembers Carmen Anderson who is an island girl. i.e. born in Jamaica. “think I’ve always been like a weird kid who has great imagination of doing unconventional things. I moved to New York in 1999 but I did not present myself to agents because there are people on the street that go out and find models for agency. 
Since then, my criteria were to land on projects that excite me when realized”,
Although the fashion and modelling fields are quite competitive, Carmen Anderson doesn’t rely on rigorous diet to keep her in shape. “I used to be more meticulous about my dieting habits when I was a lot younger”, she laughs. “But, as time goes by, I am more aware about my body and how to keep it healthy by taking care of myself without starving for instance. Also, I don’t work out extremely but I hit the gym three times a week and more often when I am working on a certain project. At the end of the day, I am keeping myself busy and active by always being the move. That’s all.”
Carmen Anderson is a very friendly person but it took her sometimes to overcome her insecurity. “Only one time, a colleague and friend of mine changed her attitude towards me because we went to the same agency together”, remembers Carmen who believes that sometimes one could not change people and their demeanors. “That was like my first real experience of jealousy, and I didn’t like it but yet it didn’t necessarily affect my aura”.
Carmen has just been offered to become the face of a fragrance campaign. “I’m excited for the future and feel happy about my own path” she says.
Articles: 593