by guest writer CHLOÉ BARNAVE
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-My name is Chloé Barnave and I was born in a mountain environment and modest. My parents worked very young and I was not necessarily in the best position to undertake long studies or even to work in the cultural field.

-Very early, even though I was attentive in class, I was a dream child. It must be said that the setting in which I bathed invited to the reverie. The woods, meadows and mountains were all places for the imagination. Far from the city, I had very few friends, so I took a walk around the house. I sometimes played the characters I saw on the screen and the animals of the forest were my first spectators. Reading was thus very early a way to escape and discover the world before I can really travel.

-At school, I was never first in the class, but I still got hooked. I studied literature before starting a teaching career. I realized very quickly that this job was not for me and that’s when I started in entrepreneurship. Of course, it was not the easiest way to go. My relatives sometimes tried to dissuade me. Society admits more than a man starts as a business leader.

-That’s how I became a biographer, editor and editor. The beginnings were difficult, but in recent years, I worked for a few personalities. Of course, I can not say for whom, because my professional ethics oblige me to silence their names. However, they are mostly people from the entertainment industry, but who needed a professional writing to be able to put their lives on paper.

-Thus, I am in contact with the artistic community and it is not easy to be a woman in this world of sharks, be it music or cinema. The “Me Too” movement highlighted various issues and the abuse of which some women may be victims. Fortunately for me, I have never been confronted with this problem, I was right sometimes to condescend.

-Now, in addition to my job as an editor, I run a fashion website called Nouva Style. With one of my friends, we try to have a professional approach to grow this site that has only one year of existence. Things are evolving very positively and since this summer we have opened a shop. We are interested in the latest trends, but also in what everyday women wear. We also have sections devoted to employment and business creators in the field of fashion, especially those that have as a priority the ethics and quality of products.

-Fashion fascinates me, I like being beautiful for others, but especially for myself. With this in mind, I began a modest career as a photo model. I had the chance to participate in some photo shoots. I can not do much because of my schedule, but when the photographer who solicits me seems serious, I do not hesitate and throws me.
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