by Sherif Awad

Singer/Actress/Model, Keldamuzik expanded her brand into
different areas of the entertainment industry. Her grandfather, popular local
jazz musician in Modesto, taught her a lot about music and learning different
instruments like the piano and the clarinet. From there, Keldamuzik knew that
she wanted to be an artist. And so, she started writing pages and pages of
music during her teenage years until she released her first singles and her
first album. As time went by, she kept on working with different producers and
experimenting different beats to create her own sound.
Keldamuzik used to love Punky Brewster and Pippy
Longstocking as two of her role models. “like the fact that they were so
liberated and did anything they wanted. That’s just like me, I would build
tents outside during the rain and act if I was camping in the forest or
something with my kittens, it was like an episode of Survivor or something…”, remembered
Keldamuzik who became a professional artist at the age of nineteen. “I took it
more seriously and signed to an indie label in Oakland that helped me networking
with other artists for collaborations and shows. I didn’t study music, I
actually studied Mass Communications at University of San Francisco, it helped
me a lot with public speaking and being able to engage with my audience. From
there, it made me less fearful of performing in front of people”, she revealed.
But like many artists, Keldamuzik faced many challenges
during the ongoing stages of her colorful career. “Well, there’s going to be
challenges no matter where you are or what you’re trying to pursue. It’s all
about who you know and timing” she said. “But some of the challenges I did face
at the time was, being a woman in the Hip Hop industry, not being a sex symbol
like the labels want you to be and dealing with different people in the
business that make promises they can’t keep. I’m glad all that is over for me
now, but I know a lot of artists still go through that…Acting is always going
to be a challenge because they cast based on your looks and what role they are
specifically looking to fill. All you can do is create your own projects and do
your own thing, those casting people, agents, will eventually come back running
to you.
Keldamuzik always appear as an attractive diva on her music
videos, which is necessary to overrun the competition from other artists across
the US. “Well-being attractive sells, so you have to compete”, she said. “Some
try too hard to compete and it looks obvious, then you have others that just do
what they want. I’m pretty much one of those people, which is why I chose to
brand myself as diva. It’s like you can create your own type of image that
people will be attracted to because it’s real and you develop your own type of
persona. For example, look at Nicki Minaj, her whole movement and image was
based around being “barbie”, and she killed it. She had such major
success to where every girl is walking around with pink short hair. To me that
was genius. Or you have Lady Gaga, she has monsters, and fans love it. People
love it when you create something original and catchy”.
The entertainment industry either cinema or music is quite
tough to make a splash. Keldamuzik agrees: “It’s a very tough industry.
Depending on what you are looking to get out of it, it can be discouraging. If
you’re trying to become this famous superstar actor, then you have a LONG way
to go. However, if you act because you love it and it’s your passion, you will
find yourself obtaining more roles. Shooting for the stars right away in this
industry is not going to get you anywhere. I’ve seen actors move to LA with no
plan, no representation and even nowhere to stay… They think because they are
out there they will get discovered. But those days are over when you
accidentally bump into a major producer and he says Oh you have the look and you
will be in my next film! That doesn’t happen anymore in showbiz…You have to be
hungry for this and willing to do most projects for FREE if anything. You
really have to keep your ears to the streets and be in the know about
everything and continue to hone your craft. Ok I can go on and on about this but
I won’t, just know that if you have a passion for ANYTHING, practice, practice,
practice and network your butt off. Attend as many events that pertain to you
as much as possible and introduce yourself to as many people as you can…”.
Besides her music success, Keldamuzik has made various roles
in short films and features. “Actually, I got some pretty good reviews! When my
film Love the Original Way” was screened in LA at Raleigh Studios,
I received so much love from the other filmmakers and students that attended.
They really enjoyed my film and creativity that I put into it. This is
motivating me to keep going and never look back, you know…”.
Next for Keldamuzik are several projects…
“My current projects are Diva Talk Tonite”, she said.
“I just signed a contract with an online distributor who place my show on
several different platforms, I will be global baby. I’m also promoting my
latest music video Swype Right and releasing my next single Magic.
As far as films, I did a few films recently and a commercial, now working on my
third self-produced film called Lo and Behold… You are about to be
served something good!”,
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