by Sherif Awad


Tritia DeViSha (aka Tritia Kam) is an Australian actress of Chinese heritage, Currently based in Melbourne, Australia. She was born in Hollywood, California and spent her early childhood traveling the world with her family, living between the US, Malaysia and Indonesia before migrating with her family to Australia when she was in primary school.
Tritia began modeling in her teens. After completing various screen and acting courses and presenting with RMITV, in 2005 she landed a gig hosting the weekly independent late night music/lifestyle television show NOISE TV on SBS & C31 (Melbourne), where she spent four years as a weekly host/presenter/producer of the show. During that time, Tritia also started exploring the alternative lifestyle festival circuit, performing dance, live theatre & MC presenting at International Festivals such as Earthdance, Rainbow Serpent, The Dreaming & Woodford Folk Festival. She decided to leave Noise TV in 2009 to move to Byron Bay NSW to further her spirituality and yoga practice. In 2011 while she was in Byron, she played the lead title role of in the independent martial arts feature BLACK BETTY.

Tritia returned to Melbourne in 2012. Since then, she has appeared in an array of shorts and feature, music videos, commercials, YouTube videos, and magazine publications. She won a Best Supporting Actress Award for her roles as otherworldly Karaoke Hostess Haru in MUI KARAOKE, as well as for her role as an Asian mob boss Ishtar in REVENGE OF THE GWEILO. Tritia is currently working on the HORROR HOUSE television project as the delectable Vampiress co-host Mistress Boobiana in the new hosted comedy horror show.
Tritia is also a writer, creator, producer and filmmaker, having made her directorial debut in 2015 with her short EXIT FROM EDEN - THE STORY OF LILITH,  about the original woman created in the time of Biblical Genesis before Eve, followed by THE KALI GEISHA EROTICA GROTESQUE, INANNA: THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, based upon the epic Sumerian Legend of the Goddess Inanna. Tritia's own films, stories and creative work contain strong esoteric undertones with themes of women's empowerment. Usually Tritia researchers her characters through mythology and historical reference given by each filmmaker she works with.
''I like to play dark roles and villainous characters.'', says Tritia to ''It is like exploring my darker side because, in daylight, I am a yoga teacher. Moreover, I also act in TV and print commercials.''.
If she decides to go back to China or Hong Kong, Tritia DeViSha could be the next Michelle Yeoh.

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