by Sherif Awad
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- I am basically  from Delhi. My mother is a housewife and my father is a businessman. After being in the Air Force and the Army School, I enrolled into fashion designing at NIFT. I also practiced in  Paris for a few months.  I always loved fashion. Most of many clothes were tried on me because I was mannequin size. I learnt a lot from my previous boss Dimple Verma, owner of the luxury Turquoise & Gold Clothing brand.  I guess I was connected to  fashion and entertainment since the beginning.  I love dressing properly as per place and event. 

Since childhood, I have always loved art and entertainment.  I wasn’t so good on studies. Literally worked to score 1st class in 10th std because I wanted to study fashion design. I had made an internship and worked with Gokaldas Exports Bangalore, Shahi Exports Faridabad and Group Andre Paris 

As a figure, I adored Deepika Padukone. I love the way she lives her life.  Never hidden about her personal life.  Beauty with brains.  I love her…. Definitely  study is most important.   I had no clue that in future I will get into modeling and do movie as lead. At  school, my haircuts used to be boyish and I fought with my teachers. In fact, my schoolmates tease me now about how  come I look like a beautiful girl now. It is satisfying. I really appreciate i have been accepted by people over here. They appreciate my work. Guide me. Cheers me

Challenges? Actually, I don't make friends in the industry. I Keep it professional.  My friends are out of the industry.  There are few issues we all face. Well, I handle it in a mature and professional way… There are always ups and downs in every industry. We need to accept it move on. 

I do get direct offers also through coordinator and casting department.  Definitely there are times where I reject offers, if I don't like.  I am pretty sure what kind  of work I want to do.  I have rejected the world's most famous brand in spite of receiving the offer because I don't go against my ethnic beliefs.

In my private life, I am normal gal at home. I love cooking some time. I am also a lazy bird. I love watching crime series more than romantic ones.   I am just a normal gal. Family treats me the same way...

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