I was born and brought up primarily in Delhi in India. Post my education, I was a banker at American Express then HSBC. My family is precious and consists of mother, father, sister…        I was always Interested and drawn towards art and entertainment as a spectator but I never dreamt of being a part of it. That was never the plan… However, life surprises us very often and I do believe that what we are meant to do or what is meant for us eventually makes its way to us.
-My role models in my childhood years was Michelle Pfeifer, Meg Ryan ,Madonna as a pop star. They were beautiful and so talented… I think you can’t learn how to be an artist however experience teaches you and also being inspired by our role models etc plays a big role. I again believe that destiny plays a huge part in what we do,how much we achieve and where we reach and of course hard work.I am happy with where I am today and achieving worldwide stardom isn’t that important.My personal goals are important too.
-There will always be challenges as a female, no matter the profession as whether we like to acknowledge it or not. It’s a man’s world though things are changing now. Yet everything depends on how we conduct ourselves,our choices and what we make of them.
– Things are good in my country as far as all of the above are concerned.There is a lot which has changed.Corporatization has taken place which makes things more systematic.There is a lot of creativity and new talent now.The web has also become very big so there is a lot of potential which is now being tapped.
-I am choosy about what I do. After more than three years I have understood what I like to do in terms of work and what I don’t I am clear about my choices,budgets,the teams I work with and the brands.
– Again I am very clear about the balance between the two and how important both are.If we are not happy personally then we can’t do justice to work and to remain happy it is important to be gainfully occupied.So both are very important
– Currently I am shooting for some ad films. I just finished a rap music video which I am featured in. Who knows what the future holds but I do look forward to it….
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