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– I come from a very underprivileged family. We always been poor but both my parents are artistic. They always gave me books to read and to color. My father, particularly, watches one movie a day since he was a teenager and we go to the movies once a week since I was five. So I inherited this love for films from him.
– I grew up watching Harry Potter tapes, so all this cinematic world impacted me a lot as a child and teen. I never was interested in princess movies, nor even Disney animation. I remember preferring movies like SECRET GARDEN and HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE. I  guess I have always been a bit peculiar.
– We artists are very lucky. Unlike doctors that have to study medicine to follow their passion, if we want to paint or write or film all we have to do is actually painting or writing or filming. I’m a firm believer that education plays a huge role in someone’s artistic path, but we are not limited by our education only.
– It is not important at all for me to each stardom. As Sylvia Plath once wrote “I write only because there’s a voice within me that will not be still”. If I have an audience or not I’ll never stop creating. But surely that if there’s people watching me, it would encourage me to keep going.
– There are lots of challenges for sure. The audiovisual field it’s very sexist still, mainly in Brazil. I don’t see representation anywhere. Movies about women are still being directed by males; female editors are only 14% in Hollywood big budget movies;  and very few movies pass on the Bechdel’s test. This is what makes me think I’ll never work in the film industry and that’s what brings me down the most.
– We are having a disassemble from the government here in Brazil. Government are trying to censor us, incentives are not being paid. With the new president, Jair Bolsonaro, things are declining quickly and his government just started.
– I’m very selective with the jobs I take. I have to be sure that I’m dealing with a good company and a fair message. I refuse some good opportunities because I don’t agree with the subject.
– I have no equilibrium whatsoever between private and professional life. I only think about my work as an artist and I am constantly forgetful that I am more than just what I make. I’m trying to find a balance but art for me is everything.
– I’m applying for a masters abroad but I’m not sure if I am gonna succeed it. I’m also working on two feature films, one documentary and one fiction. If I won’t be able to film them because of lack of resources, I’ll write a book on these stories. I just need to put all my thoughts outside my head somehow.
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