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by Sherif Awad

Maria Sofia Palmieri

-My parents are both journalists at a major Italian newspaper. They are writers too. My father has written a lot of books while my mother has written many plays for theater. They transmitted to me the passion of reading books and the arts. I feel so lucky about it. Since I was nine, I wanted to become an actress.

-When I was a little girl, I used to go to the cinema a lot with my mother and at that time my teen idol was Jennifer Lopez. I was really stuck with her. I also used to buy all her records.

-I think acting is something you need to study and study. And I’ve studied a lot in drama academy in Italy. I studied in groups and also on my own. I think an artist shouldn’t never stop in his knowledge, you never stop learning also if you are on the top.

-Personally, I think that success and stardom worldwide should be a consequence of our talent and passion, but not the purpose. If you put love and passion, discipline and sacrifice everyday of your life, success and fame should be a natural consequence. If this does not happen no matter because you lived with an ideal and it’s ok however.

-The real challenge is to be able to get a place in the cinema market. I work a lot in theater but I also love it when I work on set. The problem is that often italian actors don’t manage to work abroad with foreign productions just because we’re italian and american productions don’t let us step in their world. That’s so sad and that’s a close mindset.

-According to me, the creativity market in my country for a lot of years was not very easy. We have a lot of talented young directors but they can’t realize their films because finding money to make it is very hard so they try to shoot in a very poor way but then they also have the problem of distribution in cinemas. So it’s an eternal fight!

Maria Sofia Palmieri

-I always choose a character and projects that can give me something for my personal artistic growth. And then i study my character in a very meticulous way.

-I’m really focused on my job, but also my personal life is important. I need to give space to my interests and passion above my job, I try to spend a lot with my family and my friends.

-I have two films that will be released in cinema in a couple of months. And I’m finishing to shoot another one, a comedy that will be available on Amazon prime next season.
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