Soseono Song

by Sherif Awad 

Meesun Song, Soseono Song

I grew up in a Korean background (despite being mixed with British blood) in three different countries. USA (NY state) and previously Vancouver, CA and Seoul, SK. I guess growing up I developed an interest in the performing arts due to my love for historical dramas (both European and Korean). 

I would have to say Brooke Shields, Grace Kelly, somewhat Audrey Hepburn and Keira Knightley would have to be my performing arts role models growing up as a kid and teen. I have thought about becoming an Oscar winning actress, but as of now I am thinking of becoming a solicitor to practice entertainment law. But I wouldn’t mind being famous for something else. 

-It has become increasingly political. Hollywood doesn’t seem to have the joy in producing meaningful movies anymore. It appears as though nowadays they enjoy making movies and shows filled with political correctness and all sorts of propaganda. They are to serve the public by producing films and TV shows to entertain them not push propaganda on them. As being mixed with Asian descent it sometimes  hard to find roles, but I feel as though it’s changing slowly. I try to learn what the roles are like by asking questions about what the roles entail. Well so far I’ve been on the Showtime series called Billions where I was a bartender in a scene with English actor Damien Lewis. Third project I’ve done so far as an extra. Also, I am trying to get a degree approved in Entertainment law to graduate as a bachelors.  as of right now I’m still trying to find more roles, but most of the time (currently I’m nearly done with my fall semester, got two more semesters to go) I am just reading, practicing my swords, trying to learn a foreign language, and many other things. Currently, I’m trying to find a role as a movie extra in any  TV series filmed in NYC. In the future hopefully I practice entertainment law outside the US. Finally, I like to say to newcomers: Don’t be shy. Be open-minded to a lot of things because you may never know where it’ll lead you. It probably would lead you to a higher path out there.
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