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-I began doing a TV commercial when I was five years-old in Australia as well as acting, singing, dancing academy JOHNNY YOUNG TALENT and absolutely loved both experiences. From there on, I was born to perform and I knew it was in my blood to pursue what I love to do.

-I have had many role models over the years both in Australia and America. What I find ironic is that the role models I watched on TV growing up in Australia whom I adored, I have now worked with them and I call friends. Funny how this industry works sometimes. I am yet to meet some of the international actors that I adore, as it would be an honour to work with them one day learning from their expertise & experiences in the industry.

-I absolutely advise actors and artists to go to class regularly as that’s where you learn the foundations of acting, where you grow as a person and you are challenged. This makes you a better person and actor. I also always advise it’s not all about class or reading lines off a page as any one can really do that, it’s about going the extra mile and spending solitary time digging deep within yourself, having life experiences (good or bad) learning about yourself and how people think, growing as a person. Once you grow as a person, in turn it makes you a better actor.

-Unfortunately, I feel women are sometimes treated differently in the industry as we get propositioned in many ways that men don’t unfortunately and really wish that part of the business didn’t exist however you just have to learn to be smart about your choices and to set boundaries.

-I am currently working on some of my own projects which is exciting as well as many other projects in Los Angeles that are in the works which very excited about.
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