elisavet savva

by Sherif Awad

Elisavet Savva

I grew up in an open-minded family in Cyprus 25 years ago. My mother worked as a makeup artist and my father as a salesman. I remember them always supporting me at every step of my life at everything I wanted to try. Art was always in my blood since I was born! I was so playful and energetic child. Around 6 year-old my parents registered me at Olympic gymnastics class. But this lasted for only a year. I wasn’t happy there as it wasn’t very artistic for me, I guess

Next year I started to dance! I felt in love with dance since the first day of lessons and during my studies in the UK I was to compete in dance competitions across the country. I admire a lot of talented people but Meryl Streep was always my favorite actress! Her talent , passion and character consider her as one of the best actress of her generation. Art can define me as a person! Painting, singing, playing guitar, dancing are some of my skills, but my passion was always acting! As a student at drama school I gained a lot not only in acting but as a character as well. History of theater, kinesiology, history of arts, music, dance, acting, psychology, filming, scenography and direction were some subjects we taught.

My job is always satisfying even if I am participating as an extra character or even if I am the main character. In my country approximately 7 out of 10 actors are women that means it is more difficult for a woman to work as an actor than for a man. Today during pandemic art workers and actors are facing difficult times in my country and across the world. Almost two years now I am working as a video specialist – actress in a famous online channel.  I forgot to refer my studies in Biomedical sciences and my master degree in Neuroscience. Science is magic and miraculous and scientists are real heroes who risking their lives every day for humanity. All our experiences are making us better and what we are today. For artistic people is not really easy to differentiate their work and life, as their work is their life. However, I always find a balance between my job and my work, spending a lot of time with my family and people I love. I believe I am still young, and I have a lot to learn in this area. I feel very lucky to work in this specific channel as every week is a new challenge and a new project! I am learning a lot in different areas of arts and life. My only advice in newcomer artists is to be them self! Give your heart in what you are doing, live in the future and always give new ideas. This is the only way to success! 

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