Jeanne Marie Spicuzza

by Sherif Awad



This is actress Jeanne Marie Spicuzza from the USA

-I am the middle child of five siblings. My mother was a Latin and French teacher and my father taught history before becoming a guidance counselor and wrestling coach. My great uncle was a post-impressionist painter, and my cousin an art teacher. I was intensely drawn to the arts at an early age. I would write and stage neighborhood plays, paint and make up songs.

-I was inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Anthony Perkins, Alfred Hitchcock, John Lennon and my 5th and 6th grade teachers, Mrs. Wilkinson and Mrs. Davis, who saw my theatrical potential. 

-It can be the most painful and rewarding experience of one’s life. You must give your whole heart, work hard, apply patience. At times, I have felt like an outcast. There is always a burning desire to keep going, a timelessness, that permeates the experience. 

-I’ve already worked internationally for many years. I enjoy meeting people from around the world.  

-Yes. My authority as a director and producer are called into question, despite my experience, in a way that males in my profession don’t face. Also, as an actor, some see limitations due to type or age. I don’t see that. I see a drive to continue to create complex and compelling characters. 

-Money helps, but it’s not absolutely necessary, given the technology. Festivals and distributors favor agencies and studios over independents, but accessibility is still growing and expanding. Galleries can function via the internet. So much can be communicated online, that can make a difference.  

-I cast my own productions and love doing it. I search for the character in the person. I very rarely go on auditions. Most of that casting takes place by invitation or my own volition. 

If the role or task is a fit, I have to weigh my time to determine if it’s feasible. 

-I would say my upcoming feature film “Night Rain.” Definitely the heaviest lifting that I’ve done. 

Jeanne Marie Spicuzza

-I’m an herbalist. Health is very important to me. Living well is an art that feeds other arts.

It isn’t easy. My life and work are very close. I have to apply a certain discernment.

-For newcomers, I say: Commit fully, focus on the work, find support wherever you can. 

-My current projects are “The Scarapist” and “Night Rain.” and my future projects are “Making Angels” and “Breath of God.”

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