Linde Myncke

by Sherif Awad

Linde Myncke


This is Linde Myncke, a non-verbale communicatie inspirator

-My parents, both independent hard workers. My father was a child in WWII, born in 1939 and my mother too, born in 1940. Both were severe in education. Need a good job, a man who can support, a family, and an own house. I was the first of the children who could do higher education. But theatre oh no, nothing good can come from that. But yet after the higher education they supported the acting school. Since I was a young girl I was fascinated by the movies, the special effects (in the ’90!!!). I was dreaming of becoming anybody I wanted. To do the things that ‘normal’ humans could not do 🙂 So as a teenager in the summer I followed some theatrical holidays for kids. And I just loved it!

-I was a big fan of Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) and grew up with Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Sharon Stone, Kim Basinger….

Creativity was not stimulated. So I did not visit any museum with my parents. Music school was only when I was 15 years old. Dancing I could follow since I was 12.

-In 1999, I started the theatrical education @ The Kleine Academie in Brussels. My theater teacher was a student of Jacque Lecocq. He was the creator of physical theatre in Paris, France. There I learned to act from within. With the possibilities and the disabilities of my own body, creating a personage who is from flesh and blood.

During the three years I tried to do very much my best and just when in my head I quit, I entered the zone of playing. The freedom to let go the inner voices who wanted recognition. I found freedom and let loose the regard form the outer world. I was one with myself and found the pleasure to entertain a public without doing a lot of efforts.

In the years after my theatrical education I had some opportunities to play, for educational theatre, for semi-professional occasions, as a role play actor in business communication educations and so on. I also directed some pieces and I was a theater teacher for children and adults.

Now I changed my course. I am still working with the elements of acting, either I use it for entrepreneurs who wants to raise their voices. Who wants to be heard in a authentic way. Who wants to tell their stories and have an emotional effect. And still be themselves without playing a role. (do I make sense? Difficult to explain in English)

-For the moment there is COVID-19 and some are looking for solutions. So there are some who have created theater for Instagram. Or by email. By social media with the possibility to interact. It is a challenging time with the invitation to be inventive. I have not a lot off experience with castings.

With the new course I started 2 years ago, I can now use all my natural gifts to support my clients to grow in their personality, in their story they want to tell, in to let their voices be heard. I feel now complete.

So far, I consider my two kids I put on this world as my greatest accomplishment. Difficult to say more. I believe it has still to come. I have several passions I can now combine in my independant work as a non-verbal communication specialist. And parallel it is my 2 boys. For the moment, not a lot of spare time to spend. I’ve build my professional practice around my private live and 2 children (age 1 and 4)

-For the new generations I say: Believe in yourself, no matter what! Get rid of the inner voices of your education, the society,… Find your pure inner self. And listen to that voice. And follow your path to get your passion in the world. Use your talent! There are people who need you for your talent and for the soul you are.

-Further creating my work as an independant. Who knows what the future brings? Love to being on stage again.
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