Lucia Zimanova

by Sherif Awad

Lucia Zimanova


This is Lucia Zimanova,

Well, I was born and brought up in Slovakia, that’s where I come from. However, I live in London permanently now. Since I was very little, I would be very interested in all kind of arts but around 7 years old I started being interested in performing arts especially theatre/ acting and I already knew then I had to have this crazy acting life that not everyone would do. I joined our local 

As a child or even now I never really thought of having a role model within the industry. It didn’t come naturally to me as I was in my own world. I needed and wanted to be different.

But to mention a few favourites as an adult…it would definitely be Tom Hardy, Leonardo Dicaprio, Clare Bowen and Jonathan Jackson.

Becoming a creator is a learning process. It’s discovering your own self. You have to be able to take constructive criticism and improve otherwise you can become stuck. However you should never let anyone change YOU but to be open to healthy new ideas, possibilities and suggestions is a must because that itself can create a whole new world around you. But I will repeat that it has to come from a good place.

-I am far from where I need to and want to be. I align my vibrational energies with the energies of my dreams along with the Universal energies and frequencies. The Universe works with me. Yes, it is important for me to have that stardom but I won’t allow to be seen just like any other celebrity with “the sign contract” I can’t do that, it would not sit with me. Only through my own hard work I want to be well known with the help of a good agent or without I am determined to succeed.

-There is always a challenge especially in film industry. Challenge is always “the right timing” and everything is about timing. Patience is very important.

-Because I have been living in the UK for 17 years, I must admit I keep focusing more on how industry works here in the UK. But as a child I remember going to see musicals and always enjoyed the experience.

Casting? It’s hard, very difficult. Because often it is not what you know but more like who you know.

Sounds harsh but that’s the actual reality.

But I am extremely happy to see new

Independent filmmakers coming through with fantastic movie ideas and it feels so refreshing and sits with me very well as I am here to be one of those actresses celebrated and known for who I am and for my uniqueness. I want to bring a real art of acting into people’s lives and hearts and make them “feel” through this art again. There is way too much pollution within the industry already, unrealistic “role models” confuse kids and it’s unhealthy, it has to be changed and new film directors, casting directors, newcomers such myself and others will be part of that change that is so much needed.

-Through my own lesson within the industry my

approach changed dramatically. I will only take on roles I feel energetically connected to. If I feel off about something I won’t forward myself for it. And also if someone approaches me I will do my research first.

My last achievement was being offered a role as one of the lead characters. It was for the short film in June this year and from what I know it’s being edited, credited and planning to be pitched to bigger platforms.

I also dancing and choreographing but these are put on hold at the moment because I also run my own business as a loctician called

@Lucialocswithlove and it is very much an art itself. My business caters to those with dreadlocks just like myself.

Both acting and business careers require time needed to develop and grow…

-I only dance to those tracks or music I feel emotionally connected to. If I can’t feel it I won’t dance it.

The same with choreographing – it has to come naturally.

For newcomers, I say: 

You never stop learning and discovering. I have met those who were in the industry for years yet unprofessional. And I met those with very little or no experience but were 100% professional. It shouldn’t be rated and based on how long one has been working in the industry. I base everything on character, energy, who says what or don’t say and the behaviour. If you have an odd vibe about something or someone think twice before you sign anything. There are some nasty contracts once signed you literally sign off your soul.

-This can be hard sometimes as I have a career, a business to run and my own private life, yes, it can be tiring but once you are organised and not letting yourself stress you are good to go. I do lots of daily meditations, I have lots of crystals, particular hz frequencies on during the day and throughout the night and I love candles and incense sticks. I love connecting to my energy vortex.

At the moment I am trying to get my name out and looking for good interesting roles. I want to work with like minded industry people that are different.

I live and enjoy being in presence. Yes, we need to plan some things but when it comes to this industry you just have to go with the flow and expect unexpected.
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