Model, Actress, Kickboxer and
Film Director

She was born in the small village
of Saratov, just outside Kazakhstan, Russia. Gia was discovered as an actress
at the of age of twelve and for the next three years, she starred in Russian
television series. At fifteen, she won “The Beauty of the Volga”
contest which launched her professional modeling career. She was a teen
supermodel in Moscow by the following year, winning many awards such as Ms.
Saratov, Ms. FHM, Ms. Fashion Style and Ms. Great Volga. The Italian modeling
agency Modus signed her and Gia worked in several large projects in Italy,
France, Spain, and a number of Asian countries. Still in her teens, Gia also
starred in several plays in Moscow, winning acting awards such as Best
Theatrical Actress of Saratov, and 2009’s Best Actress of Moscow Theater.
“Between European cities and New York, I was also studying acting courses with
great teachers”, says Gia to . “I think arts are related
to practice and creation from one’s mind rather than spending years of
Since 2010, Gia was also
appearing in films and TV series before deciding to write, star and direct her
action films The Serpent. “Becoming a director made me responsible for
the technical aspects of the film : writing, casting and storyboarding”,
explains Gia. “In the beginning, I found hard to hire some crew members who
wanted to do stuff their own old-fashioned way. I need to realize the film’s
set pieces in a smart way because I was working within a tight budget of 1.5
million dollars although our forecast was to realize the film with 5 million
dollars. I succeeded to secure the budget because I had a couple investors who
basically believed in my talent. I have other projects for which I am raising
funds which is not a problem if you make the investors believe they will recoup
their money back. In making movies, risk really lies in very big budgets”.
Gia is currently negotiating
selling theatrical rights to The Serpent across different territories.
This also includes a video game inspired by the story of the film that revolves
around a special  agent called Lucinda
Kavsky who gets betrayed by her own people. “I choreographed my fight scenes
and performed all the stunts because it was so easy for me”, laughed Gia whose
character is reminiscent of Nikita, Lucy, and Colombiana
created by Luc Besson. “ This will only help me because my skills will be
compared to this level filmmaking”, adds Gia. “While my Serpent’s budget
is 1.5 million dollars, Luc Besson’s Anna was made for 30 million
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