Tish “Tha Dish” Roberts

by Sherif Awad

Tish "Tha Dish" Roberts

Ever since I was a little girl performing (singing & dancing) for my family at gatherings and reunions. I am one of 10 children in a blended family, and we all wanted to get attention from our parents, and I was always good at making everyone laugh. The first time I performed in front of a crowd, I was in Kindergarten and the teacher gave me the lead. She put me in the front of the stage, and  I was hooked after that.”

Well, there are so many, but I guess my top role models growing up were Debbie Allen, Diane Carroll, Diana Ross and Linda Carter. However, the two Actress‘ that truly impacted me to move forward and pursue my dreams are Farah Faucet and Sally Fields. Their movies, “The Burning Bed” and “Sybil” literally changed my life after I saw them. I know then deep in my heart that I wanted to become a professional actress.

“The approach to studying to become a professional creator should be pursued with the same energy as if someone was going to be studying to become a doctor, lawyer,  an architect etc. The art of Entertainment in any of its various mediums is also a business. If a person truly wants to pursue a career that with have longevity and productivity you must invest in your training in each aspect.”

For me being a professional within the Entertainment Industry isn’t so much about stardom, fame or money. I honestly want to have the platform to be able to affect the world with positivity, love and unification to everyone regardless of someone’s race, ethnicity, gender, sex, age or religion. We all have to live in this world together as the arts that brings us all together.”

“I would say no gender challenges. I’ve always been a go-getter and my Mother always told me to ever think that my skin color or sex was a hindrance to anything or dream that I ever wanted to attain.”

“With the pandemic, it has been a very intriguing time for Creatives. There are some many digital platforms to get your content out there virtually. It is even possible to film a complete movie on your cell phone.” 

“Casting is a necessary component to the creative process. I am blessed to work on both sides of the casting table as an Actress/Model and as a Casting Director. Casting is so important because their job is to turn the words on a page into living breathing characters.”

“I approach the works and projects that I select to participate in very prayerfully. As a Women’s Ministry leader, Businesswoman and Community Mentor it is very important to me to make sure that each projects brings honor and respect not only for other women or young girls but also to GOD.”

“I must say that I am blessed to have reached a lot of my professional entertainment goals, but I must say being able to write, star, direct and  “Classy produce my own “One Woman” show. I love being able to wear my different creative hats in a single project. I also enjoy giving other artists, especially up and coming talent both in front and behind the scenes.” 

“My other passion besides entrainment is Ministry. We are called to be hands and feet for GOD to help those less fortunate than ourselves. I love feeding the homeless, mentoring young girls and helping raise money for non-profits.”

I would tell everyone who is beginning a new career in Entertainment Industry to research everyone. I mean everyone photographers, agents, managers etc.”

“I am a huge fan of work and home life balance. I intentionally schedule out each aspect of my day including working out, my work day, submitting myself for gigs and building my production company.”

“Unfortunately production is slowed down because of the pandemic. However, I have been able to focus on my production company “Classy Sassy ParTease/Productions.” I have also been booking acting gigs virtually and I was just signed to a virtual modeling agency.






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