by Sherif Awad
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I was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras to a Honduran mother and a Canadian father of Ukrainian descent.  We moved to British Columbia, Canada when I was six years old.

-It really came from watching music videos.  Show business just struck me.  I started dance classes at the age of 8 for it was the only accessible outlet to where my family lived.  I remember listening to Madonna and dancing in my bedroom by myself at the age of 7. I was highly influenced by Michael Jackson and Madonna.  And I loved John Travolta and Patrick Swayze for their dance work in Movies. As a child and teenager, studying dance outside of school and theatre in school, I just felt like a natural progression. 

-As an adult my studies in acting were more complicated.  I tried different teachers, techniques and methods until I found what was right for me.  My foundation in acting was in the Meisner Method.

-Each project I do and character I work on is rewarding because I grow as an artist and as a person.  I have made a lifetime commitment to being an artist and that is my pursuit; to become more skilled and to grow.

-Hollywood now has been pushing diversity and putting women in leading roles so the challenges in the film business being a male dominated industry is changing.  But having said that, there is a pressure as an actress to stay youthful and fresh so aging is stressful. 

-A personal challenge that I face is in my ethnic background.  Film makers are saying that they want diverse actors but when they look at me, they see me as white/American.  Not only is this reverse racism but it’s simply not accurate.  They still need to learn that Hispanic people don’t all have to have dark skin, eyes, and hair.

-I approach each character I work on a little differently.  I dive in to their relationship dynamics and circumstances and take note of what I can easily relate to and what I cannot.  This will vary each time but it’s my starting point. 

With social media being a prominent tool, it feels like my private life and my professional life, are melding together.  However, I am very careful not to note about my love life or family life. 

-I have three feature films that will be coming out in the approaching months.  I will be travelling to Berlin for the screening of my Sci-Fi film AFTER WE LEAVE.  Its American premiere will be in December.  Between now and then I have a small part in a Western that will be released.  And the biggest one is a movie called “Almost Paradise” where I play a co-lead.  That one is expected to be released in theatres in spring of 2020.

-My agent and manager are responsible for getting me auditions for projects.  SAG is just there to protect me from poor treatment once I do get the job.
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