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 Sarah Lynn Dawson

Here is a drafted profile on Sarah Lynn Dawson based on the interview questions, her answers, and her CV:

Sarah Lynn Dawson is a British actress and filmmaker who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Born in the UK, Sarah spent part of her childhood growing up in Qatar where her love for performing began. She took dance classes and acted in community theatre productions as a child, becoming enthralled with the magic of the stage.

Later, while attending boarding school in England, Sarah sang in musical productions like The Carmina Burana and was involved in numerous school plays. She even started making her own films during school holidays, foreshadowing her future career. Some of Sarah’s early inspirations were Shakespeare’s writing and films like Star Wars, G-Force, and Shakespeare in Love.

After doing a play in Miami, the director encouraged Sarah to study acting in New York City. She took his advice and spent two years immersed in the acting program at the renowned Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute. Sarah speaks fondly of her time there, forging great friendships and learning as much as she could while also auditioning and performing in independent films and theatre.

Since 2007, Sarah has been a SAG-AFTRA actress, appearing in film, TV, commercials, and theatre. Her credits include acting in the Oscar-nominated animated film I Lost My Body on Netflix. In 2016, she founded her own production company, Organic Chemical, focused on creating sci-fi and suspense films.

When asked about her process as an actress, Sarah shared that she self-submits for many roles and remains on the lookout for interesting casting calls. She seeks out lead roles that are dramatic and take her out of her comfort zone. One of her goals is to work on a project filmed in Qatar, given her history there and the cinematic beauty of the desert landscape.

As a filmmaker, Sarah enjoys producing short films, citing the shorter time commitment and lower costs. She also has experience co-creating a nightlife website, which taught her that you can create anything you envision. Sarah finds empowerment through strong friendships and motivational mentors like Tony Robbins.

Currently, Sarah is working on a short film called I Am Not a Robot about an AI robot searching for herself and humanity. She wrote another screenplay called Horizon about a NASA scientist who discovers she’s from another world. Sarah’s passion for science fiction shines through in these projects and likely stems from the sci-fi films she loved growing up.

With a long list of credits to her name at just age 37, it’s clear Sarah Lynn Dawson has achieved immense success chasing her childhood dream. Her advice to newcomers is to fully immerse themselves in their acting education and creating their own content. She’s a testament to what can happen when you combine raw talent with tireless drive.
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