She is an award-winning producer, actress, and model who juggles many other talents ranging from casting, writing, dancing, vocals, etc. Of French, Puerto Rican, and Cherokee Indian descent, Emily is originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, still residing there, as well as her second home in Los Angeles, California.
Emily worked as producer, executive producer, and casting director, as well as acting as a supporting role for the film RAILWAY SPINE. This is a passion project for Emily, as her late grandfather served in the military. The film’s goal is to bring awareness to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She was also an executive producer and associate producer of another film involving PTSD called SEEKING ESPERANZA, also known as BUSCANDO ESPERANZA, a film about love and forgiveness and also for the thriller called AWAKENED. As a credited actress, she starred in the film all ABOUT THE MONEY. 

Emily is a supporting member of charities such as UNICEF, ASPCA, Susan Komen and St. Jude’s. Both Emily’s father and grandmother are cancer survivors. Emily’s grandmother remains her greatest inspiration. Miss Trosclair was recently appointed to be Chairperson of the Valley Village and North Hollywood Chapter of ALL, an organization based on inspiring and encouraging others worldwide to reach their full potential. Emily is honored to empower those in her community to use their gifts to make a positive difference. She was recently signed on by a colleague and friend, as the second “Angel” of an awareness group, called “Pittie’s Angels”. This awareness group that focuses on being a voice for the animals. The organization, directed by Ms. Lisa Pellegrene is inspired by her Pitbull, “Pittie”. Emily holds the title for Ms. California U.S. Nation 2019. 

This organization is known for fighting against human trafficking. She is also the face of Encantino Latina Glamour magazine and organization. She uses this platform to take a stand against domestic abuse. Emily’s main source of drive and motivation is her son Landon. Most important to her, is to be a positive role model for him, so that he knows by example that there is beauty and strength in the ability to follow one’s dreams and that everything is possible.
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