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-Hello to all of you! I am Nikita, from Croatia, born in a beautiful town Rijeka, by the sea. I come from a civil family, I am a child of retired intellectuals, of father who was a financial director and of mother who was a travelling saleswoman. I have a sister and a step brother. I am a single mother of a wonderful 13 year old boy.
-Since my childhood, I was special, I liked to sing a lot in my own way and dance. Whenever my parents took me to the balcony, I would dance to the rhythm of the playing band. When I started going to kindergarten, I started developing myself through dancing and singing and acting. There were plenty of possibilities there. In the kindergarten, with four years, I had my performance in the pioneer theatre. My professional career began in the late 1980s.
-Whenever my parents got a record, I would listen to it. Mostly, those were the Beatles and Kim Wilde. I used to love Elvis Presley and Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe was very special. I adored Barbara Streisend, Liza Minnelli. Later, I started loving opera, Carmen by Georges Bizet stayed in my heart. I learnt a lot from famous black singers that I was very fond of, Boney M,Aretha Franklin, Prince, Michael Jackson, although there were David Bowie, Madonna, The Police, Sting, Duran Duran…. lots of performers in the 80s. For me, a real and complete singer was the one who can sing, act and dance.
-The artist who wants to become like that on a professional level, he is just born that way, and learns through time, and his emotions inside himself is more important than education, and that emotion, reaches to audience through art. So, You either have energy for art or not. I worked for over 11 years at the Comedy Theater in Zagreb without any education, they appreciated my talent and emotions (musical, rock opera role Maria Magdalena from Jesus Christ Superstar, role of Christal from Little Shop of Horrors, role of Dionne from Hair… 
-I have been dreaming to become famous worldwide, since childhood, and I hope that my dream will come true. It all actually, started in 2006, via digital media,with my first world album The best of Nikita from Croatia, via Australia’s Discography House. So, even today, my music can be heard.
-There are challenges as a female artist, because some people from my profession see me as a sex bomb, so it is difficult to cooperate with them. But it’s natural. Besides, I meditate, do yoga and I have devoted my life to art and my son Antonio.
-The music atmosphere in Croatia is very bad, some third grade singers are in front, while the top ones can not be seen. Yet, When a job is offered to me, I do it professionally and from the soul.
-Since I am a freelancer, I decide about my time, but I also adept to the needs of others, depending on the situation.
-Currently, I am working on video spots from my album THE PATH OF LOVE and I have a cooperation with a colleague Ray Karl Hall, aka KinetiKindred from Australia, we made a song Globule.. we promote it on YouTube channel and digital media (Deezer, Google Play, Amazon Music, Apple Music…). We started working on another song, too, Comforting Lies, because our vocals match. I am presenting You our duo, this way.
Album The Path of Love https://www.deezer.com/hr/track/507812852

Queen of the Night 
Ariadna Song 
Sempre Libera (Pop Version)
Musical  Jesus Christ Superstar
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