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Nour Helo
-I’ve always loved acting, I loved acting since I was a kid. I remember when I was six years old.  I loved filming myself and making my own films and tv shows even commercials with my childhood friends, I also liked dancing and singing in-front of the camera. I remember my mom getting mad at me because I was using her camera and it was one of those old fashioned cameras. sounds funny huh, but that’s how a small dream starts. To be honest I have no idea why I’m so in love with acting. 
-When I was a teenager I started getting more curious about acting, so I started watching films more and more then I go and look up their behind the scenes videos and see what happens on set and how actors do their job. I loved the idea of playing a different characters, especially those exotic or surreal characters. 
-When I finished high school my teacher asked me what is my major, I said computer science! I remember her face till this moment she was in shock. She was like are you serious! You’re so talented you can be an actress or model! And I was like whattt!!! How did she know! I think it was a divine sign from God that’s when I realized that I should do what I like to do. 
-I was inspired by Johnny Deep and Jim Carrey. I love playing surreal characters, especially those characters where I get to challenge myself and try new and different things. those characters that Johnny Deep played “Jack Sparrow in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and The Mad Hatter in ALICE IN WONDERLAND” have inspired me, I liked the idea of trying new things. also Jim Carrey played the Riddler, Ace Ventura and the Mask. I also Like watching superhero movies. I like watching “Behind The Scenes’ videos and know every single detail about it. As a kid back in the nineties I loved Britney Spears and Liked her live shows so I started singing and dancing while I’m watching her. 
-I’ve had so many incredible experiences, met amazing people and learned so much not only in the acting studio/school but also working in the industry. I have learned so much, every year I learn and grow more and more. Also Playing instruments including Piano/Singing and doing sports as a kid helped me a lot. It takes effort, hard-work and discipline to achieve your goals. I work so hard every single day to improve those skills I have. 
-About stardom: to be honest I think being the best actor is way more important than being famous. But stardom is good when you like to inspire and help others, Just like Oprah Winfrey. I love acting so much and I want to help and inspire others by acting. That’s gonna be the way to reach people’s hearts and be their best-friend. I really want to make this world a better place and I think that’s my life purpose and the main reason why I’ve always loved acting. 
Entertainment industry is so competitive in many ways but no one can take someone else’s part or job, there’s only one you. I know that no one can take my part and I can take someone else’s part. So yes it is hard, it is challenging but success in acting is all about being in the right place at the right time. 
-To be honest, it’s kinda overwhelming to balance professional and private life. You have to keep yourself together. I have my personal life plus my acting career, and my job as a musician.  I have to keep everything balanced, besides Learning new skills every single day like sports…dance…languages…accents…
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