-I was two years-old when I made my first song. My family still sings it until now everytime we go to the river baths on the countryside. My artistic career began at the age of six in theater. Being an actress is my chosen vocation for it allows me to live many different lives while still living my own. At fourteen, while working on TV, my fascination for the cameras and the actors craft began. After that, cinema happened to me. Since then, I never stopped. I’ve worked on TV, film, theater, commercials, voiceovers and artistic performances. Although I have a very creative family who pursues photography, singing, writing and painting as hobbies, they have no connection to my work. I’m the only one who pursues an artistic career professionally.
-As a child, I was very fond of Mark Twain, especially his Tom Sawyer books and Saturday morning cartoons like THE SMURFS and  IL ÉTAIT UNE FOIS… LA VIE. During my teenage years, Milan Kundera, Dream Theater, Pina Bausch, Clint Eastwood, Pedro Almodovar, Maria João Luís, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Eça de Queirós, Homero and the TV show MY SO-CALLED LIFE were my major influences.
-One can learn a lot simply by watching other actors, especially in theater. During my college years, first in Portugal at ESTC and later in the US at NYFA, I learned about body movement and speech elocution. I believe that these techniques allow the actor to improve his/hers skills telling a story. We need, firstly, to understand the story so that we can later interpret it to an audience.
-I have a very fortunate life. My goal is to always continue to evolve as an actor and as a human being. Being able to work overseas would be an amazing and welcomed opportunity but I don’t pursue stardom.
-The challenge is for everyone regarding gender. This is a very difficult profession because we have to deal with constant rejection without losing our self-esteem. In my country, there aren’t many differences between men and women. The struggle is the same.
-It is in a state of change, with new possibilities happening, but it needs better regulation. But I see this scenario of change as a positive thing because it allows the market to grow and  the portuguese artists to internationalize themselves.
-I approach new works with care, love and professionalism, like my own children. These are dreams that weren’t dreamt by me, but were trusted upon me. I always take them with an open mind and gratitude. My professional life is my priority. It fulfills me on a personal and spiritual level.
-I’m currently developing some creative content and I also have two film projects scheduled for this year. There are also other projects lined up, but they’re still in an embryonic phase. The future is good.
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