Mardi Edge

by Sherif Awad

Mardi Edge

-I was interested in acting from my first school play, although my school was not particularly interested in the Arts. Later, I was scouted in the street at 18 to model, and had a successful modelling career for many years . Over 60 commercials , 100% ads , photo campaigns , I became accustomed to the camera . I was offered a regular role in an Entertainment show where I presented live commercials and later they asked me to do their comedy sketches. From there I went on to do TV shows. But I had trained as a fashion buyer and returned to the business industry for 20 years. Only returning to my true passion “acting”in 2014.

-I loved watching the 1950s’ actors . Lana Turner, Ava Gardner, Kirk Douglas, Marlon Brando, Vivien Leigh . Later, I loved Daniel Day- Lewis, John Malkovich, Al Pacino , many of the method actors….

-When I returned to acting, I contacted a wonderful method drama school and gave them my background . He said it was not necessary from me to start at beginners but to move up a level, but I wanted to immerse myself totally, so I studied for 18 months from beginners to master class level. From there, I did workshops with various casting directors. I studied with two different LA Masterclass workshops, and studied accents with a renowned accent coach. Many different classes over the years. But now I am on set fairly regularly. So, I use my skills in my various roles. 

-I am happier than I have ever been, pursuing my passion, my love, playing many different characters and genres. Being famous is not something I am actively looking for. For me, it is wanting to work regularly, and the joy of being on set waiting for “Action!”.

-I still think it is easier for males in acting . Lot of pressure is put on women in regards to looks and ageing. This does not apply to men. Not as many roles here for older women, and often the Networks use the same female actors that they have used for 20 years . !

-In Australia, there are limited work actors, with too many actors and not enough roles . So many actors will never get to fulfill their passion of acting professionally.

-have an agent so either roles are offered through him, or if I am approached privately , I will ask to see the script and again I let my agent negotiate pay etc. I am also involved in producing some of my own work now .

-I am fortunate that my children are adults now, so I can choose any role without worrying about childcare. My husband supports my career and the unusual hours that are involved with filming . e.g. Filming all night , weekends etc.

-I am about to shoot a trailer for a Pilot called NEVER TO BE FOUND, on human sextrafficking, (MY DAUGHTER HAS DISAPPEARED )  that we want to pitch to the networks. It was written for me, I collaborated with the writer on an idea that I had. I am shooting a commercial next week.     

I also  have just finished a short film that is a Proof Of Concept pitch for a feature film called THE GOOD OF EVIL. I had the lead role. I have two films at script stage and another feature film about to start shooting. I have a comedy film called MEOW BOW WOW that has just finished being entered in various International festivals. Then awaiting release.
All my credits can be seen on my IMDB PRO site.