lorena diaz

by Sherif Awad

Model. Blogger. Influencer

She was born in the Spanish city of Ourense as the third of four siblings. Her eldest sister is a fashion designer and her brother is a model as well. Yet her closest friends don´t really care about the fashion industry and so they have “normal” jobs. Turning nineteen years old, Diaz started to feel interested into modelling. But This happened due to several forebodings… 

“I did not think too much about becoming a professional model when I was young”, says Lorena Diaz whose career started only to become more intense. Almost imminently, she signed up with one of the best modelling agencies in Galicia while studying to be a professional model. From the beginning until now, she has always dealt with full-time periods to part-time and individual contracts”. 
“When I was a child or even a teenager, I never worried about public figures in general. I grew up beside cartoons, documentaries of History and Nature and several films and music of the 90s”, says Diaz. “Although it would seem to be odd, I did admire fewer people of whom I should love to. Actually, I only remind two, Charlize Theron (model and actress) and Svetlana Zakharova (ballet dancer). Both female celebrities impacted to me owing to their charisma, extreme success and discreet personality. 
Diaz also thinks that is important to combine studying modeling and modeling on the catwalk at the same time. She ended up finishing school only to start studying a degree of Law, catwalk and photography. “Even though I believe strongly that everybody can start their model career during a mature age after school, university or retirement”, she adds 
lorena diaz

Challenging Career 

lorena diaz had to deal with the fact that big modelling agencies in Madrid and Barcelona were very classist with models born outside of the capital of Spain. “They named us “province models”, she explains. “That didn´t have any sense in my opinion, since everyone can move to the big city to start a model career. Another challenge that I faced in Spain was that they did not offer opportunities to Spanish models without previous international contracts outside the country! That would seem to be that Spanish big agencies preferred to exile the national talented, not to make their models to be stronger in modelling business but to hire Caucasian and Americans to star in their national ads and their catwalks to feel prouder in the media”. 
Does agents have influence on her career? diaz explains that she always depends on herself. “I do not have any exclusive contract with any model/personalities management. That is to say, I am looking for an agent who fight for my rights and actual odds in the international market. It is very likely that modelling contracts and steady incomes as we all know them from the past 20 years, they will definitely disappear. I think individual modelling contracts and freelance personalities are now the real thing”. 
Besides her modelling, diaz is also an influencer and a blogger www.lacremdelacremblog.wordpress.com
“My own blog pretends to be a blog that deals with the best products in Beauty and Fashion” explains diaz. “This name is the spanish version of the french term “crème de la crème” which means the best of the best. My nickname at Instagram @dailykrikova comes from Lorena Krikova, a family name used in her ballet shows”. Also, in her profile, Diaz mentions she is an influencer. According to her: “An influencer is a person who has the charisma to develop a big community or network to make them imitate their lifestyle, and their way of consuming. 
Until now, lorena diaz never visited Egypt or the Arab world but she loves to. In her mind, there are lot of plans and projects. “ I do not let myself to dream a lot or picture long-term projects. However, I am always looking for greater opportunities in editorials, fashion ads and ambassador contracts. Several interesting cameos or film roles will be very appreciated”, she says. 
Finally, I asked lorena about the best photo-shooting she was in. she replied: “I do not even remember, but the different modelling jobs which I have learned from. Those good/bad moments and people who I met, they made my actual personality and background in life”.

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