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by Sherif Awad

Kainaaz Pervez

-I am Persian and have a Russian blood in me from my father’s side raised in India and Canada
.As a child I used to stand in front of the mirror and talk to myself getting into various characters and acting. Finally at the age of 15, I started pursuing my dream, secretly of course, since my father was not a fan of the modelling and acting world.  Few years later, I got my first break on small screen (TV) in Mumbai India. Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha , Amir Khan , Madhuri Dixit and Richard Gere were my role models and will always be.

-I have never attended any acting School because I always had it in me..I believe acting and dancing is something you have in you and its an inborn talent ..All you have to do is bring it out and unleash it.

-Acting and dancing for me is a stress buster and the most satisfying feeling for me and I cannot see myself doing anything else and yes it is important having a worldwide stardom since today social media has expanded immensely and the most effective way of spreading the word and a message to the Universe is through the Social Media and it is very powerful.

Well this has been a challenge for years to come and you do face a lot of ups and downs especially as a female gender but  I don't really let it bother me since I know who I am and what I am and whether I can stop the media and the press from writing what really is not true I know that people who really know me , know the real me and I will continue doing what makes me utterly happy, irrespective.

-I have never lived or associated with the Persian Film Industry since I have been a part of the Bollywood and have just only recently performed two Persian plays in London UK where I am currently based however from what  I hear and read I think we as Persians are extremely talented and have some of the best talents as actors and filmmakers however unfortunately the government and the regime deprives us our actual rights and talents.

Kainaaz Pervez

-I am very selective and I make sure I have all the details before I take up any project. I am currently working on a new music video for Bollywood which is related to  women and girls being victims of rape in India and worldwide and will be planning on the same in English and Persian as well and a festival film

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