-I was born in Monterrey, Mexico to “Mexican” parents.  My mother is from Spanish-French descent while my father is Italian-Arab. I was three years-old when we moved with my older brother and sister to Brownsville, Texas where we grew up. Since I was seven, I dreamt of moving to Hollywood and pursuing a career in entertainment. I have participated in school plays since before I can remember.  Watching Films & TV as a kid, I always wanted to be on the career path of the lead actor in the film.  This happened EVERY time.  I realized I wanted to be an actor so I could play many career paths and have many experiences. I wanted to be Doogie Houser; a kid genius. I got to meet and spend a bit of time with Neil Patrick Harris at the World Famous Magic Castle around the time he was president.  During my childhood and teen yearsو I spent most of my time doing and not watching.  I did theater, band, tennis, swimming to name a few.  I competed in U.I.L (University Interscholastic League) in the areas of poetry and prose, V.I.C.A (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) in the areas of prepared speech, extemporaneous speech, Mechanical Drafting and Architectural Drafting.  I won MANY awards at the local, regional and state levels and won 2nd place in the Nation for Architectural Drafting in 1996 the only female to ever do this at that time. In college I read every book on acting I could get my hands on.  My Thesis was titled “Digital Character Performance Animation”.  I watched every Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Fred Astaire, and Gene Kelly movie I could find.
-The studying and learning never ends.  I got a Master of Science in Visualization Sciences at the age twenty-three, the youngest person to ever achieve this..  I moved to Los Angeles, studied and graduated from The Joanne Baron DW Brown Studio which focuses on the Meisner Technique.  More recently I went through the program at The Academy of Magical Arts twice before auditioning to become a magician member.   Even after becoming a member I continued to take Magic V, the highest level for magic class offered, over and over until I was banned from taking the class.   I’ve done private sessions with various magic teachers in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and continue to do so.
-I think few artists are ever satisfied.  That said, absolute not. I’m nowhere near satisfied.  Stardom is not the goal.  I want a career I can be proud of.  I’m far from that. Having traveled to over forty countries, the most memorable moments are when an absolute stranger opens up their home to me.  I have had two cab drivers invite me to their home for a home cooked meal; once in Egypt and once in Fiji.  
-Practicing races,  I do not have racing insurance.  Yes it is a dangerous sport!  I totaled my car on the racetrack the first time out.  Fortunately, I only cracked a rib.  Part of the thrill is the risk involved.  I’m always looking to do ride-alongs with pros or have them get in the car with me so they can coach me as I drive.  I’ve tried many “risky” extreme sports like skydiving, white water rafting, hydro speeding, canyoning, rock climbing, and rappelling to name a few.  As far as I see it if I have to sign my life away it’s going to be a GREAT day.  I love and need adrenaline!   Just a few days ago I rode my bike from Hollywood to Long Beach and back over sixty-five miles.  There are few options in the current situation and I need to feel challenged physically and mentally.  I’m currently contemplating what my next adventure will be.     
-All the industries I’ve delved in are dominated by men.  However it seems like when I get involved the ratio of Men to Women is the most balanced it’s ever been.  As an ethnic female I’ve always had people look down at me.  I’ve dealt with racism and prejudices many times and continue to do so.           I focus on the things I want to do and try to ignore all else.
-There is a ton of competition in all industries.  Unfortunately there is a lot of emphasis on social media and not talent.  Most people are copycats.  Originally it is rare and takes time, hence I feel my progress in magic is slow but steady. As an independent contractor, work is priority as it is not readily available.  There’s plenty of down time for friends and family.  Before accepting any job, I have to access: #1, how much will I enjoy the job; #2, Is the compensation appropriate/fair for the level of enjoyment of the work.  Many times all I get is an applause, while this does not pay the bills it beats getting a good paycheck and hating the work. Travel for pleasure is high priority and seldom canceled unless a big work contract conflicts.   At least once a year I take my mom on a trip abroad; It’s been ten years we’ve been doing this and fourteen trips completed.  Unfortunately, it looks like our 3rd trip to Spain in June might get postponed.
-Currently, due to the COVID-19, all automotive and performing magic work is on suspended and or put on hold.   For now, there is no income or potential for income for the type of work I’ve been doing for 18 years.  Due to the lockdown I’m deep in developing a magic routine for competition plus I keep working on routines to expand my repertoire.
Articles: 595