Glory Rossi

Glory Rossi
-When I was twelve years-old, my parents sent me to England where I studied at a private school in Wolverhampton. After graduating from junior school there, I moved to China, where I studied in Beijing and finished my university in Beijing. So since I was at that young age,  I started to live abroad alone. My role models were Asian actresses and models. From childhood, I was interested in Asian culture and drama. Six years ago, one renowned  model agency invited me to be a model. That’s how my childhood dream came true. 
-Now, I am owner of business consulting group and also manager of foreign teaching in Beijing. In order to become a creator, you need to work hard and find useful people who would support you, and believe and visualize your dreams. Moreover, I studied a lot and went to different courses about business and coaching which really helped me. If you want to earn more money and if you want to be successful you need to invest your money to education first and after experience. I am very grateful that my dreams have come true, but I have big plans and aims that I need to achieve, and now I’m working hard on it. 
-Yes, sometimes some people could tell me that woman can’t be a good leader, people say that the mission of a woman is marriage, but in my opinion woman can combine everything. Not only man but also woman can be great leader and good mentor.  I was born in Kazakhstan and unfortunately creativity industry in my country not developed. 
Glory Rossi
-I approach new projects with caution, carefully choose the vacancies and I check companies three times and read contract carefully.  I consider that my greatest achievements that I am only twenty-two years old, but I am owner of my business consulting group, I signed contract with four big model agencies in China, my photos were on billboard in Sanlitun street. I gave four interviews to different magazines, and I was invited to TV interview in China. I work with the coolest investors and partners. My other art activity is that I was makeup artist and gave some master classes , but now I don’t have enough time to do this. 
-Right now, I don’t have my private life, to be honest I don’t have time to my private life… it’s about priorities. For now priority for me is my business…
-My current project is business consulting group, we help people to be motivated , to achieve their aims and dreams. About my future project I want to keep them in secret , I can only say one thing I have great goals and you will be hearing about me soon…
-My advice to the new generation is to set  large-scale goals in front of you, then divide them into smaller goals and steps and on these small steps go to your dream…
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