Adaeze Anane

by Sherif Awad

Adaeze Anane

I live in Seattle, WA USA where I was born. I’m American. I have a mom and sister.  I became interested in the arts through theater roles when I was a child in school. My role models in my adolescent where Daniel Radcliffe. I loved him as Harry Potter. Sometimes I think its best to just go for it and find an agency, you don’t have to go to school first and waste half the time you could be using for acting gigs, teach yourself at home through YouTube videos and books! I am satisfied. Although I wouldn’t mind achieving worldwide fame. Each role has a typecasting, if the type casting doesn’t fit me then I go for roles that do. Its no big deal, There are plenty of acting and modeling jobs for my gender. 

Even with the lockdown that happened, there were remote casting calls. With the rate things are growing soon there will be even more castings in the entertainment industry in the USA. Anyway I live in the country of the glitz and glam of Hollywood, where the stars live. I live in Seattle which is a drive away from Hollywood.

Adaeze Anane

The casting biz is a fast pace. If you don’t have a tough enough outlook, you may feel bad when a casting director turns you down. You have to grow a tough skin basically. I have been turned down a lot, but I keep trying, and I get cast still. My experience is being on sets, TV, releasing my music, and doing runway modeling! Send a resume, and a headshot with my IMDB. I’m not too picky with casting since I’m first starting out. I have been doing it since two years now. I choose castings based on my availability.

My first role in a Hollywood production as an Extra! I was “The Cool Neighbor” in a Netflix show called “Trinkets”. I am also singer, model, author, Cosplay Celebrity, and Podcast Host to “The GMChannel Show. I don’t normally dance, when I perform I would rather just stand, I love dancing don’t get me wrong, but until I am professionally trained for the routine I would rather just stand! 

For newcomers: I say never give up! Ignore Haters! And just have fun! You are beautiful inside out! Let your star quality shine through your belief in yourself!

Sometimes I get nervous when I’m in public because I’m afraid of Paparazzi taking my picture, when I’m in my home I feel I have to always close my blinds. It’s hard to be famous because I don’t know who I can trust. I only feel safe when I’m with my mom, Pat Valdez or sister, Layla Anane.  

A Hulu show contacted me, but I can’t disclose any more information than that. Also, I released and album called “Candy Girl” And soon there will be a social media experiment show on Amazon Prime called “The Adaeze Anane Experience”
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