Stefanie Früchtenicht

by Sherif Awad


Stefanie Früchtenicht

My name is Stefanie Früchtenicht, I’m a passionate actress from Kassel in Germany, where I live with my husband and my four kids. I’m educated in theatre and used to be on stage, but my heart is beating for camera acting and movies as well.

My family is very open and accustomed to this, for my husband is theatre pedagogue himself, and we sometimes work together in our workshops or acting courses.

To be honest, as a child I loved to see Disney movies and movies with Dean Martin, Audrey Hepburn, Marylin Monroe. I loved these movies where they used to sing and dance, especially the tap dancers. So I tried to copy it…

I became a dancer and a ballroom dancing teacher – I started to love the stage, to sing and dance in front of freaky people and to entertain them.

I had my own successful dancing school and as it was the time of Lambada I succeeded in a competition as ‘German Queen of Lambada’, so in this time I had so many great engagements.

As I was young I wanted to discover the world and I went to Spain to work as an entertainer and dancing teacher.

I met my husband, when I got back to Germany after three years and since we married and had children, I worked as fitness trainer, started with professional drama school education and became a professional actress.

To be an actress is great – I love it – but you’re never sure to have an engagement every time. In times of a Pandemia it’s very hard, the theatre are closed. For example: We were rehearsing for ‘Carmen’ in the adaption of Brook, Carriere and Constant in the state theatre in Kassel and two days before the premiere-date it was cancelled. It’s a hard time.

Luckily, the situation is getting better now and we’re rehearsing again.

I played in TV series like ‘K11’ or ‘Der Spieler’ and I started to work internationally in movies like ‘A perfect enemy’, directed by Kike Maillo, and I’m still learning and looking for bigger challenges.

If you decide to become an actor, that’s great, it’s a big dream and it’s great to work on it – it develops your personality, mental resources, emotional intelligence and deepness but it also can be destructive and frustrating if it sometimes doesn’t work out. So in times like Pandemie, when it’s harder to get an engagement, it’s good to have a second job and to be safe.

And if you can handle it and you have your family standing behind you, it’s the best.

It’s every time a struggle and a decision and a doubt to be a good mother and wife and to work on your other dreams, but since I have such a great family, such great kids – I’m so proud of every single one of them – so I think, I did a lot of things right and now, since they are grown up, I can switch the focus to my talents and my profession again and start over…
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