Bellydancer Bella Jovan: Interview on YouTube

by Sherif M. Awad

 In this interview with Bellydancer Bella Jovan, she discusses her introduction to belly dancing, her training experiences in the Middle East, the challenges of being a professional belly dancer, the benefits of belly dancing for physical and mental health, her dream of opening a school and having her own studio, and her interest in promoting her work in film. The interview ends with Bella performing a dance to the song Aqua and sharing her fond memories of the late singer Ahmed Adaweya. The interviewer thanks Bella and expresses their desire to have her on again in the future.

Bella Jovan shares how she was introduced to belly dancing and how it became her full-time passion. She started taking three or four classes a week and fell in love with it, even training in Egypt and joining a local dance company. While she has experienced and trained in other types of dance, she found a special connection to belly dancing, especially when performing with live music. She also talks about her love for classic Egyptian belly dancing and how seeing it for the first time in 2014 changed her life.

Bella Jovan talks about her experiences training in workshops and dancing to live music in the Middle East, including countries such as Egypt and India. She also shares the challenges of being a professional belly dancer, including constantly pushing oneself to train, teaching and managing students, and traveling internationally while adapting to different cultures. Additionally, the conversation touches on the history of belly dancing and how social media has impacted the perception and restrictions of the art form in certain countries.

Bella Jovan, a belly dancer, discusses her experiences performing in the Middle East, including the importance of having a support system and being careful. She also talks about teaching belly dance classes on Zoom due to the pandemic and how dancing can help with physical problems, such as stretching and healing the body. Bella has appeared in several music videos and recommends belly dancing as a form of exercise that can keep the body useful for a long time. She also emphasizes how the joy of dancing can be healing for those experiencing sadness or depression. Bella is available for both private and group classes on Zoom.

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